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  1. Book Reviews See our reviews of popular craft books.
  2. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.
  3. Crafts With Recycled Materials You can make so many different crafts with recycled materials. Re-purpose old items with these green recycling crafts and other unique recycled crafts.
  4. Earth Day Decorations Make Earth Day crafts for your home, find Earth Day ideas for party decorations and more! Here you'll also find Earth Day craft projects for kids, so get the whole family involved.
  5. Earth Day for Kids Teach your children the importance of Earth Day with these Earth Day crafts for kids, including Earth Day art projects, Earth Day paper crafts, Earth Day printables and more!
  6. Earth Day Recipes Earth Day crafts can be absolutely edible! Make these food crafts and eat your way through a craft happy Earth Day.
  7. Christmas Crafts to Wear Find ideas for Christmas crafts to wear including Christmas jewelry crafts, Christmas kids clothes, Christmas hair accessories, Christmas clothes for men and so much more!
  8. Christmas Gifts to Make Looking for ideas for Christmas Gifts to Make? Here you can find tons of suggestions for Christmas gifts to make including cheap creative Christmas gifts, easy to make Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts kids can make and so much more!
  9. DIY Christmas Decorations Find Christmas crafts of every type to help decorate your home. The collection includes Christmas ornament crafts, handmade Christmas stockings, home made Christmas wreath ideas and so much more!
  10. Easy Christmas Kids Crafts Find tons of ideas for Easy Christmas Kids Crafts including Christmas decorations that kids can make, Christmas tree ornaments for kids to make, kids fun Christmas activities and lots of other projects!
  11. Handcrafted Christmas Card Ideas Learn how to make the best Christmas card with these Christmas card design ideas. Find homemade Christmas card templates, patterns for handmade Christmas cards, DIY Xmas card ideas and so much more!
  12. Recipes for Christmas Recipes for Christmas, Christmas treats, desserts, and more!
  13. Cinco de Mayo Kids Crafts Help your child celebrate the holiday with Cinco de Mayo crafts, Cinco de Mayo games, Cinco de Mayo decorations and Cinco de Mayo costumes.
  14. Cinco de Mayo Paper Crafts If you're wondering how do you make tissue paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo or want other ideas for Cinco de Mayo decorations, there are plenty of suggestions for Cinco de Mayo paper crafts here.
  15. Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations Learn how to decorate for Cinco de Mayo parties. Find instructions for Cinco de Mayo decorations, Cinco de Mayo costumes, activities for Cinco de Mayo and other Cinco de Mayo party ideas.
  16. Crochet for Easter Find projects to crochet for Easter and other fun craft ideas for Easter. Enjoy these free Easter crochet patterns and more.
  17. Easter Baskets Plenty of ideas for unique Easter baskets, personalized Easter baskets, Easter basket ideas for adults, Easter basket ideas for teenagers, instructions on how to make Easter baskets and so much more!
  18. Easter Crafts for Kids Find free and easy Easter crafts for kids, including Easter preschool crafts and Easter toddler crafts. Also includes kids Easter paper crafts and religious Easter crafts for kids.
  19. Easter Decorations Find great ideas for easy to make Easter decorations, outdoor Easter decoration, Easter home decorations, Easter party decorations and more!
  20. Easter Eggs Find creative Easter egg designs, Easter egg decorating ideas, Easter egg patterns and many other Easter egg craft ideas!
  21. Easter Paper Crafts Find ideas for Easter paper crafts, including kids Easter paper crafts, Easter egg paper craft, printable Easter crafts and more!
  22. Recipes for Easter With all the Easter eggs you've been decorating you may be tempted to get cookin'! These Easter recipes are a delicious way to celebrate the holiday.
  23. Religious Easter Crafts Looking for Easter crafts for adults and children alike? You'll find all sorts of family-friendly religious crafts for Easter including Jesus dolls and other great religious Easter crafts!
  24. Wearable Easter Crafts Don't know what to wear for Easter? Make your own wearable Easter crafts with these projects, including Easter dresses, Easter hats and bonnets, Easter shirts and more!
  25. Fall Crafts for Kids Entertain your child this Fall with these fun Fall kids crafts! There are seasonal crafts for kids of every age, including preschool fall crafts, fall crafts for kindergarten and Fall crafts for children who are a bit older.
  26. Fall Decorations Find everything you need to decorate for Fall! Make your own Fall decorations using these ideas for easy Fall table decorations, Fall house decorations, Fall pumpkin decorations and more!
  27. Fall Paper Crafts Find paper craft projects perfect for Fall in this collection of free Fall paper crafts. From easy Fall crafts to more advanced Fall paper craft ideas, there's plenty to explore here!
  28. Recipes for Fall Recipes for Fall including, apple recipes, pumpkin spice treats, and much more.
  29. Wearable Fall Crafts Find wearable crafts for Fall including Fall jewelry, Autumn accessories, leaf jewelry, fall scarves and more!
  30. Father's Day Cards Give dad a special greeting with one of these homemade Father's Day cards. There are plenty of ideas for Father's Day cards to make that are sure to put a smile on dad's face.
  31. Father's Day Gifts Looking for Father's Day gifts to make for dad? Check out these homemade Fathers Day gift ideas. There are some great easy to make Fathers Day gifts and other free Fathers Day crafts too.
  32. Recipes for Father's Day Looking for Father's Day recipes? Here you'll find tons of recipe ideas that dad will devour. Show your love with these recipe ideas.
  33. Halloween Candy Bags Find tons of fun ideas for Halloween candy bags, including trick or treat bag patterns to sew and knit and other ways to make a personalized trick or treat bag. Don't miss out on any of these cool Halloween trick or treat bags!
  34. Halloween Costumes Find everything you need to make your own Halloween costume, There are award winning homemade Halloween costumes, homemade unusual Halloween costumes, and tons of other DIY Halloween costumes ideas.
  35. Halloween Crafts for Kids Find easy Halloween crafts that are perfect for kids! There's everything from quick kid Halloween crafts to spooky Halloween crafts for kids and so much more!
  36. Halloween Decorations Find tons of ideas for Halloween decorations that you can make yourself! From homemade Halloween table decorations to DIY outdoor Halloween decorations and everything in between, find the best Halloween decorations to make right here!
  37. Halloween Party Decor Projects Find tons of ideas for Halloween decorations that you can make yourself! From homemade Halloween table decorations to DIY banners and everything in between, find the best Halloween decorations to make right here!
  38. Recipes for Halloween Find Halloween craft treats that are fun to make and even more fun to eat! The collection includes edible Halloween crafts, edible Halloween decorations, Halloween edible easy foods snacks and more!
  39. Wearable Halloween Craft Projects Halloween crafts you can wear, including Halloween jewelry, Halloween t-shirts, Halloween clothes for kids, Halloween baby clothes and more.
  40. Chanukah Find tons of ideas for Chanukah crafts and Chanukah projects, including ideas for kids, Hanukkah craft projects, and other free Chanukah crafts you can make at home.
  41. Passover Find all sorts of Passover crafts in this collection of Passover craft ideas. Included are Passover art projects and other Jewish holiday crafts.
  42. Purim If you want ideas for Jewish holiday crafts, check out this collection of free and easy Purim crafts. Included are Purim crafts for kids and other fun DIY Purim projects.
  43. Rosh Hashanah Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these Rosh Hashanah crafts. There are Rosh Hashanah crafts for kids and adults alike, including Rosh Hashanah art projects and other fun Rosh Hashana craft ideas.
  44. Kwanzaa Cards Find ideas for homemade Kwanzaa cards and other Kwanzaa paper crafts. There are also Kwanzaa craft ideas of cards that kids can make to send to friends and family.
  45. Mother's Day Cards Find homemade Mothers Day Card ideas and more in this collection of the best Mothers Day card projects. There are some great ideas for kids Mothers Day cards too.
  46. Mother's Day Decorations Find all sorts of ideas for Mother's Day decorations and suggestions of how to decorate for Mothers Day festivities. When you make your own decorations for Mother's Day, mom's day is that much more special!
  47. Mother's Day Gifts If you're looking for unique Mother's Day gift ideas, here are some great homemade Mothers Day gifts that are cheap and easy to make. Mom will love these special Mothers Day gifts since they're handmade by you!
  48. New Year's Cards Find ideas for how to make your own New Year's cards. Handmade New Years cards are some of the easiest New Years crafts to make and people always enjoy personalized New Years cards.
  49. New Year's Decorations If you're wondering how to make your own New Year's decorations, check out these creative New Year's Eve crafts and New Year's decoration ideas. New Years party crafts are fun and easy to make!
  50. Baby Shower Crafts Make planning a baby shower easy with this selection of baby shower craft ideas including, baby shower decorations, baby shower favors, and baby shower gifts.
  51. Party Recipes These party recipe ideas will turn any dull party into a delicious one. The food is the most important part of your party so make sure to use these easy and tasty party recipes.
  52. Fourth of July Crafts Find everything you need to make fun 4th of July craft projects including easy 4th of July crafts for adults, suggestions for homemade 4th of July decorations, patriotic art projects for kids, and so much more!
  53. Labor Day Looking for free easy holiday crafts to make for Labor Day? Here are some great Labor Day craft ideas including holiday crafts for children to make and easy holiday crafts for adults.
  54. Memorial Day Crafts Looking for Memorial Day craft ideas? Find free craft activities for Memorial Day, Memorial Day art project ideas, Memorial Day crafts for preschoolers and more!
  55. Veterans Day Looking to make crafts for Veterans Day? Here are some free Veterans Day craft ideas, simple Veterans Day crafts, Veterans Day art projects and more!
  56. Spring Crafts for Kids Find free and easy Spring crafts for kids, including preschool Spring crafts, Spring crafts for third graders, and Spring crafts for children of any age!
  57. Spring Decorations Find ideas for easy to make Spring decorations, including Spring table decorations, door decorations for Spring, Spring party decorations and so much more!
  58. Spring Paper Crafts Find ideas for Spring paper crafts including paper garland crafts, paper flower crafts, paper crafts for kids and other projects with instructions on how to make paper craft projects for Spring.
  59. Spring Recipes Take a look through our collection of spring recipes and get cooking this season! Welcome the sunshine with a handful of fabulous meals made from seasonal recipes that we love.
  60. Wearable Spring Crafts Find great ideas for wearable Spring crafts, including craft necklaces and craft hair accessories. There are so many cute Spring craft ideas you can wear after you make them!
  61. Kids Crafts for St. Patrick's Day Find Saint Patrick's Day crafts for kids including leprechaun craft ideas, pot of gold project suggestions, shamrock projects for children and a whole lot more!
  62. St. Patrick's Day Decorations Find everything you need to make your own St. Patrick's Day decorations, including DIY St. Patrick's Day party ideas, shamrock crafts, leprechaun crafts and so much more! These St. Patrick's Day crafts are sure to add a little luck to your holiday ho
  63. St. Patrick's Day Paper Crafts Want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with handmade paper crafts? Check out these fun paper craft projects for St. Patrick's Day including shamrock projects, leprechaun kids crafts and more! Celebrating St. Paddy's Day is a blast when you have these e
  64. St. Patrick's Day Recipes Celebrate the luckiest day of the year with these St. Patrick's Day recipes! Whether you need St. Patrick's day desserts or ideas for your dinner, these St. Patrick's Day recipes are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday.
  65. Wearable Crafts for St. Patrick's Day If you're wondering what to wear for St. Patricks Day, here are some St. Patricks Day craft ideas that you can make and wear! If you want to make the best St. Patricks Day outfit, these St. Patricks Day crafts are for you!
  66. Kids Crafts for Summer There are so many great ideas for summer craft projects for children. Try some of these summer crafts for kids, including easy summer crafts for young children and fun summer crafts for older kids.
  67. Recipes for Summer Looking for new recipe ideas for summer? These summer recipe ideas are fresh and delicious and so easy to make. Quick summer recipes are the way to go. Maximum time in the sun, minimum time in the kitchen!
  68. Summer Decorations Find easy ideas for homemade summer decorations, including free projects for summer table decorations, summer party decorations and other summer theme decorations for your house.
  69. Summer Paper Crafts Find free paper craft projects for summer, including paper flower crafts, summer paper crafts for kids, and lots of other ideas for handmade paper crafts to celebrate summer!
  70. Wearable Summer Crafts Looking for Summer craft projects you can wear? Here are some great wearable Summer crafts such as summer craft jewelry, summer craft hair accessories, summer craft clothing ideas and more!
  71. Kids Thanksgiving Crafts Find great ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for children that are easy and fun to make! These Thanksgiving kids crafts include Thanksgiving preschool crafts, Thanksgiving crafts for pre k and Thanksgiving crafts for kids and teenagers alike!
  72. Recipes for Thanksgiving The most important part of Thanksgiving is the food and with these recipes, you can't go wrong! These Thanksgiving recipes are easy and delicious.
  73. Thanksgiving Decorations Find everything you need to make your own Thanksgiving decorations, including Thanksgiving table decorations, easy Thanksgiving dcor ideas for your home, old fashioned Thanksgiving decorations and other great ideas to make Thanksgiving special!
  74. Thanksgiving Paper Crafts These paper crafts Thanksgiving ideas are free and easy to make. Find Thanksgiving paper crafts and ideas for creative handmade paper crafts to celebrate Turkey Day.
  75. Crochet for Valentine's Day If you want ideas for Valentine's Day crochet, we've got Valentine crochet patterns for everything from a heart pillow to a crochet beaded heart, along with great crochet Valentine gifts and more.
  76. Kids Valentine's Crafts These free crafts for Valentines Day are perfect for children. Included in these easy kids Valentines crafts are Valentines heart crafts, Valentine paper crafts, Valentines Day crafts for young children and so much more!
  77. Recipes for Valentine's Day Cook up something delicious for your honey this Valentine's Day. These Valentine's Day recipes are delicious and easy. The best cooking comes from the heart.
  78. Valentine's Day Cards Find a ton of ideas for homemade Valentine cards. Make your own Valentine card for that someone special with some of these personalized Valentine cards and instructions for how to make handmade Valentines.
  79. Valentine's Day Decorations Celebrate Valentine's Day with these homemade Valentine decorations. From paper Valentine decorations to table decorations for Valentines Day to other unique Valentine decorating ideas, you'll find everything you need to decorate for Valentine's Day!
  80. Valentine's Day Gifts Looking for easy Valentine's Day gifts to make? Here are some great homemade gift ideas for Valentine's Day, including romantic Valentines gifts to make, Valentine personalized gift ideas, and other Valentine unique gift projects to make.
  81. Valentine's Day Paper Crafts Looking for Valentine's Day paper crafts to help you celebrate? Here are some craft ideas using paper that are perfect for Valentine's Day, including paper garlands, heart crafts, paper crafts for kids, and more!
  82. Valentine's Day Sewing Find Valentine sewing patterns, ideas of things to sew for Valentines Day, beginner sewing projects for Valentine's Day, Valentines cute sewing projects and other free easy sewing projects to make Valentine's Day special.
  83. Wearable Valentine's Day Crafts Find lots of ideas for wearable Valentine's Day crafts, including Valentine t shirts, Valentine dresses, Valentine jewelry, and other great wearable Valentines ideas.
  84. Wedding Recipes Your wedding should be absolutely delicious and with these wedding recipes, it absolutely will be. From bridal shower recipes to recipes for weddings, we've got you covered.
  85. Wearable Winter Crafts Here are some fun free Winter craft projects you can wear. Included are ideas for Winter hats, Winter hat and scarf sets, snowflake jewelry craft ideas and other projects to make Winter fashion accessories.
  86. Winter Crafts for Kids There are so many great childrens Winter crafts. Here are some of the best Winter crafts for kids, including easy Winter crafts for kids, Winter crafts for 1st graders, Winter crafts for preschoolers, and other free Winter crafts for older kids.
  87. Winter Decorations Here you'll find tons of great winter wonderland decorating ideas including snowflake lanterns, DIY wreaths, snow globes, and many other winter wonderland decorations.
  88. Winter Paper Crafts Find ideas for Winter paper crafts including instructions on creating snowflakes with paper, how to make a snowman out of paper plates, other snowman paper crafts and more cute Winter paper craft ideas.
  89. Winter Recipes This winter should be absolutely delicious and with these winter recipes, it absolutely will be. From cute snowman treats to recipes for hot chocolate and more, we've got you covered.
  90. Birthday Recipes Browse through these recipes for birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. These food crafts will surely make your birthday party an unforgettable one.


  1. 10 Free Flower Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Flowers, Flowers from Paper, and More Spring is in bloom, and flowers seem to be everywhere. Bring the sweet scenery of the season into your home with a few flower crafts that will live forever!
  2. 12 Fun Crafts for Spring Kiss winter goodbye with a few crafts for spring that will surely brighten up your season - especially after the dampness of winter. With this free eBook, 12 Fun Crafts for Spring, you'll find that theres nothing like creating simple projects that wi
  3. 17 Greatest Crafts for Spring Celebrate the coming of spring in style and make your own home decor, wreaths, and gifts. Our list of the 17 Greatest Crafts for Spring will keep the creative juices flowing all season long.
  4. 38 Beautiful Butterfly Craft Ideas Celebrate spring with butterfly craft ideas for adults and kids alike! There's no better way to enjoy the coming of the warm weather than with a bright and beautiful butterfly craft. Here you'll find a variety of butterfly project ideas to gear up for spring!
  5. 46 Garden Crafts: DIY Planters, Flower Pot Crafts, and More DIY Garden Ideas Spring has sprung, which means its time to start a garden! In this collection of 46 Garden Crafts: DIY Planters, Flower Pot Crafts, and More DIY Garden Ideas, you'll find every DIY garden craft you need to turn your backyard into a spring paradise.
  6. 47 Flower Craft Ideas for Spring When the weather starts getting warmer and you begin seeing flowers in bloom, that can only mean one thing. It's time to start making some flower craft projects! Find your perfect blossom in this collection of 47 Flower Craft Ideas for Spring.
  7. All Seasons Birdhouse It doesn't matter when you create a For All Seasons Birdhouse. This easy birdhouse craft will change the look of your indoor space. Grab your favorite paints and your most outlandish embellishments - the louder you make your birdhouse, the better. Af
  8. Anthropologie-Inspired Spring Tea Towels Add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen with these gorgeous spring craft ideas. Anthropologie-Inspired Spring Tea Towels are too cute to miss, and no one will ever guess that these DIY tea towels are actually a knockoff.
  9. April Fooled You Burgers Looking for a fun way to April fool your kids this spring? Try making these funny April Fooled You Burgers.
  10. Basic Utility Apron Tutorial "If you have yard sales, have a booth at craft shows, or work at a day care, this apron is for you! This utility apron has a two pockets and a place to keep a pen. It would make a nice Mother's Day gift too!"
  11. Beautiful Clay Calla Lily Add a stunning look to your home when you create this Beautiful Clay Calla Lily! The easy spring craft would also make a great Mother's Day gift.
  12. Beautiful Clay Drip Vase Display flowers from your yard or the market in this Beautiful Clay Drip Vase! The easy holiday craft is perfect for just about any season.
  13. Beautiful Upcycled Vase Show off a lovely bouquet in style when you make this Beautiful Upcycled Vase! The easy holiday craft is upcycling at its finest.
  14. Big Bright and Beautiful Organizer Just in time for spring, we have a great idea on how to clean, organize, and straighten your craft room: Use this Big Bright and Beautiful Organizer. Simple organizing ideas like this one are a lifesaver when it comes to spring cleaning.
  15. Bookworm Book Shelf Don't throw away those old, torn up books. Instead, upcycle them into a beautiful and useful part of your home. Tear out the worn pages from your book collection to create this crafty Bookworm Book Shelf.
  16. Bountiful Garden Clay Plant Markers Make these Bountiful Garden Clay Plant Markers to add some charming decorations to your backyard, while also keeping track of your harvest.
  17. Bright and Bold DIY Organizing Tray If you've got tons of extra buttons and an unorganized room, we have the perfect project for you. This Bright and Bold DIY Organizing Tray is the perfect catch-all for your loose crafting supplies or rogue TV remotes.
  18. Button Flower Crochet with Buttons???....Ohh I love the idea of making Crochet flowers using buttons. This Crochet Button Flower project is very easy and a fun project for even Beginners. By using buttons as center and hooking yarn through the button holes you can create these cute flowers.
  19. Buttons and Flowers Bookmark Spring is the best time to sit outside under a tree and read a good book. The Buttons and Flowers Bookmark is the perfect craft to keep your page.
  20. Captivating Chrysanthemum Mirror This Captivating Chrysanthemum Mirror is absolutely gorgeous. The flower design and colors really complement the warm spring season. This DIY home decor project is super easy and takes only two hours to complete.
  21. Cat Lover's Paint Chip DIY Bookmarks If you have somewhat of a cat obsession, why not embrace it by bringing these feline-friendly bookmark ideas to life? These Cat Lover's Paint Chip DIY Bookmarks are popular among heavy readers. You can make this bookmark DIY project in any color.
  22. Charming Crochet Flower The Charming Crochet Flower is so colorful that it's perfect for spring. This quick and simple pattern is the ideal embellishment to add to a brightly colored beanie or a decorative scarf you have already crocheted.
  23. Cheerful Clay Sunflower Add a pop of color to your decor when you make the Cheerful Clay Sunflower! This easy spring craft is perfect for summer, too.
  24. Cherry Blossom Wreath "Welcome Spring to your home with a beautiful new door wreath. Update your door decor with a pretty pink cherry blossom wreath that you handmade! Start with a grapevine base and create an ombre effect with white and pink artificial cherry blossoms."
  25. Clay Carnation Flowers You'll love including a bit of spring in your home all year with these Clay Carnation Flowers! The easy holiday craft is versatile, too.
  26. Create a Bulletin Board in 15 Minutes "Only 9 items - most of which you already have on hand - will put this bulletin board together in less than 15 minutes! This is the perfect craft if you're trying to use up left over scrapbook paper. I love it because it's an inexpensive way for me to get organized in an evening."
  27. Creative Coat Hangers We love these Creative Coat Hangers because they are a quick and simple way to add a bit of color to your closet. Using your favorite bright-colored paints cover each hanger with your favorite designs.
  28. Crochet Butterfly Pattern This Crochet Butterfly Pattern is easy to make in celebration of spring. Update your winter wardrobe by fastening this adorable butterfly to a tote, headband, or beanie.
  29. Crochet Yarn Lei "In Hawai'i this time of year isn't just one of preparing for summer, it's also a time of creating leis for family and friends who might be graduating from high school or college."
  30. Customize Your Plastic Storage Drawers "Are you someone who needs more storage space but you don't like the look of those plastic storage drawers? Then learn how to turn those inexpensive plastic storage drawers into beautiful pieces of home decor with just a few coats of spray paint!"
  31. Darling Decoupaged Clipboard Help your student's best teacher clip down all those high-grade papers from her best student (yours, of course) with this perfect End of Year Teacher Gift Clipboard. A low cost craft clipboard will be best in the class when personalized for any good
  32. Decorated Bird Houses Crafting is such a special activity for me. I often craft with my mom and this was one of those projects. These simple, whimsical DIY Bird Houses, are the perfect addition to your Spring decor and are easy to make using just a few supplies. I used paint and scrapbook paper to make mine.
  33. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots Beautify your plain terra cotta pots with this tutorial for Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots. Teach yourself how to decoupage and you will never leave anything plain ever again.
  34. Denim Flowers Be daring with your denim this season and try out this tutorial on Denim Flowers. This spring craft is a wonderful way to get some use and purpose out of your old blue jeans.
  35. Denim Scrap Wreath Why not have some fun with your spring cleaning this year? Instead of tossing your old jeans, make use of them with an easy and fun recycled denim craft idea.
  36. Desert Palm DIY Pillows Having reminders of tropical climate sprinkled around the house is a wonderful way to welcome warmer weather, so try sewing pillows that will lift your mood. Having these Desert Palm DIY Pillows sitting on your couch will make you feel good vibes.
  37. DIY Arrow Garden Markers Keep your garden on target with these DIY Arrow Garden Markers. No matter how big or small your garden is, these wooden plant labels would make a great herb garden idea or improve your vegetable garden design.
  38. DIY Colander Planter Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can make this DIY Colander Planter. Add a little personal touch to a porch or sun room and make your own DIY hanging planter.
  39. DIY Desk Organizer Show your child's teacher some love when you make them a DIY Desk Organizer! This cute craft says, "thank you" more than the typical store-bought gift does. There's nothing more thoughtful than handmade gifts for teachers.
  40. DIY Essential Oil Candles "I absolutely love essential oils! Every night, I diffuse lavender by my bed and have a special bedtime blend for Romeo. There's so much you can do with them, we decided to make DIY Essential Oil Candles, with soy, using two beautiful scents."
  41. DIY Floral Letter "I think it's perfect in a little girls room or nursery. I made this one out of cardboard and I think it looks super cute! It is so easy to make and so much fun to do! I had so many empty boxes of diapers, that instead of getting rid of them."
  42. DIY Garden Markers These garden markers use just a few inexpensive items to clearly mark the rows in your garden while bringing color to your garden until you start producing vegetables.
  43. DIY Lavender Wands Lavender flowers remind us of spring, and with this DIY project you can bring spring with you wherever you go! These DIY Lavender Wands are completely quick and easy to create. Put this spring craft in your sock drawer.
  44. DIY Mini Trinket Boxes A perfect way to display earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry, these DIY Mini Trinket Boxes are a great way to bring pretty spring colors into your home. With these DIY crafts, you can choose your favorite spring colors and get to crafting.
  45. DIY Necklace Organizer In addition to crafting, I love nothing more than a good organizing session. I even volunteer to help friends with their own organizational struggles. Spring cleaning? Sign me up! That's where this project comes in.
  46. DIY Organizer Board Spring is a season known for organization, and whether you're exciting for spring cleaning or not, its well on its way! Start out with a simple solution to your winter mess, the DIY Organizer Board.
  47. DIY Rainbow Ribbon Wreath Are you looking for some simple birthday party or classroom decor, that you can easily make? Then learn how to make your own DIY Rainbow Ribbon Wreath! In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn a foam wreath into a mini rainbow by using some scraps of ribbon and few craft supplies.
  48. DIY Repurposed Cigar Box Empty cigar boxes are a great way to get free or inexpensive storage for your home or home office. I get mine from our local wine and spirits store, but you can find them elsewhere too. Often they are free, but some places charge a couple of dollars per box.
  49. DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts "With three children, Ive made my share of teacher appreciation gifts over the years. I don't know any teacher that doesn't enjoy chocolate!"
  50. Dollar Store DIY Storage Containers Get started on your spring cleaning with DIY containers that will ensure your home is ready for the new season. This storage craft is super easy to create!
  51. Dollar Store Washi Tape DIY Glassware With so many interesting glassware products at the dollar store, it takes something creative like washi tape ideas to truly make each piece unique. You can take any glass item and turn it into this Dollar Store Washi Tape Glassware for little cost.
  52. Dr. Seuss Teacher Gift Your teacher will feel truly appreciated when you give her the Dr. Seuss Teacher Gift. Teachers don't receive a variety of gifts very often. The usual gifts are things like mugs, gift cards, or even teaching supplies.
  53. Duck Tape Card Pouch Looking for a fun and super simple way to dress up a gift card for your son or daughter's teacher? Try making the Duck Tape Card Pouch.
  54. Easy Braided Clay Homemade Keychains Get started on your spring crafts for the season with something quick, simple, and loads of fun to create. Everyone loves keychains, and these Easy Braided Clay Homemade Keychains prove that you can never have too many.
  55. Easy Essential Oil DIY Mouthwash Not everybody likes the thought of putting chemical-laced mouthwash in their mouths, which is why making homemade mouthwash is such a great alternative. This Easy Essential Oil DIY Mouthwash will give you that same squeaky-clean feeling.
  56. Easy Patterned Paper Wreath "Are you are someone who saves every little scrap from all of your craft projects? Do you now have a pile of craft scraps that you don't know what to do with? If this is you, then you need to check out this Easy Patterned Paper Wreath!"
  57. Easy Video Tutorial Spring Flower Earrings " These spring flower earrings are easy to make and look really good when you have your hair up! You just need hot glue gun and nail polishes. Follow the video tutorial for all the details. Just pick up your favorite color and let's go make them!"
  58. Embroidered Mesh Butterfly Project If you're looking for butterfly craft ideas and love to embroider, then you've got to check out this lovely design full of springtime flair. Using both the long and short stitch, you can make these pretty butterfly craft ideas for adults with ease.
  59. Embroidery Hoop Memo Board Sprinkle some serious cuteness around your office cubicle this spring with this Embroidery Hoop Memo Board craft. Simply choose your favorite spring patterns and turn a boring embroidery hoop into a memo board that looks perfect in any office space.
  60. Embroidery Shoelaces "Spring means great opportunity for new purchases!!! What do I mean? Shoes of course and my beloved sneakers! After all I cannot consider myself as the typical woman who enjoys wearing heels, but more like a minimal casual one, who adores comfortable shoes and especially sneakers."
  61. Everlasting Silica Gel Preserved Flowers Capture the vibrant colors of your favorite spring and summer buds with these Everlasting Silica Gel Preserved Flowers. It's hard to let go of the beauty that flowers bring during the warmer months, but you can learn how to preserve them.
  62. Fabric Decorated Coasters "Fabric ...fabric...fabric! My second big love, the first one is always buttons (that's why i have combined these two and now I have one and only passion!). Really, if you have fabric imagine how many crafts and creations you can make!"
  63. Fabric Travel Tag Nothing is worse than losing your luggage, and thanks to this Fabric Travel Tag, you won't have to worry about lost baggage again. In this easy spring craft tutorial, you'll learn how to make a DIY luggage tag for your suitcase.
  64. Fairyland with Flowers Frame "I love fairies!!! I really do...and I have to admit that when I was a child, I have spent at least 5hours with my friend hidding in the forest waiting for the fairies to appear!"
  65. Family Night Wooden Chalkboard This Family Night Wooden Chalkboard does more than just provide a great do-it-yourself home decoration. It also provides organizational tips for your family. Set a system in place for activities and chores by making this DIY home craft.
  66. Firewheel Scrubbie Crochet Pattern These adorable little mini dishcloth crochet patterns work up in a matter of minutes. Easy-to-create and easy-to-use, this free crochet pattern for scrubbies is the perfect last-minute hostess gift and a colorful way to add useful crochet patterns to
  67. Five Petal Flower Flowers are beautiful. Nothing says spring like a bunch of freshly bloomed flowers.Flowers are fun crochet projects at any time of year and they are definitely hot on the hooks each spring. Crocheted flowers are always so pretty!
  68. Floral Place Cards and Straw Toppers "Spring is almost here and what better place to celebrate the season than on your table! Add a floral touch to your table by using these free floral place cards and straw toppers printables! To put these free floral printables together, all you need is few supplies and your printer."
  69. Floral Spring Travel Bag The weather is warming up which means it's time to head out into the big bad world and do some traveling. Before you do, consider adding this Floral Spring Travel Bag to your spring crafts.
  70. Flower Hoop Wreath Say hello spring for under five dollars when you create this stunning and budget-friendly wreath for your home.
  71. Flower Power Crochet Coaster Welcome spring in a big way with this Flower Power Crochet Coaster! The easy crochet pattern is a great way to make a dent in your yarn stash, too.
  72. Flower Spring Wreath "Even thought I love Spring, so far I was not making any flower wreath for my home. Don't ask me why... since this was one of my favorite craft in my childhood. Especially on first of May every year, we were having great family times."
  73. Fluffy Organza Spring Wreath This fluffy wreath for the spring is incredibly easy to make. Organza fabric was used to create it and gives a light and airy feeling to it. If the color lilac/ purple is not your color, any color organza fabric will work for this project.
  74. Foam Flower Stamp We bet you didn't know you could use foam to create a homemade stamp! We didn't either until we saw this adorable Foam Flower Stamp from Pink Paper Peppermints.
  75. French Twist Fabric Flowers Learn how to make fabric flowers in just a few easy steps with the help of this simple and sweet spring tutorial.
  76. Fresh and Formal Stacking Boxes Freshen up your home this spring with these adorable Fresh and Formal Stacking Boxes. These stacking boxes make for great organizational tools, and they work as cute and bright spring home decor too!
  77. Fun and Easy DIY Shower Curtain Not only are these DIY curtains an absolute blast to create, but they will also save you money when revamping your bathroom. This Fun and Easy DIY Shower Curtain might even make the bathroom your favorite room in the house.
  78. Fun X's and O's Rock game "So my daughter and I were at the camp for the long weekend with no crafts with us, however we did have our paints, so it was time for us to use our imagination. What could we do to pass time? Cadence was getting a little bored and I couldnt think of
  79. Genius Washi Tape Organizer If you have rolls upon rolls of Washi tape hidden in your home, we have the perfect organizing idea for you. With this Genius Washi Tape Organizer, you'll never have to go hunting for your supplies again!
  80. Geometric Painted Flower Vase "The past 10 deays I have decided to "change" a little bit my home decor, but I wanted to do it on my own, meaning everything handmade."
  81. Greeting Card Binder Making your own binder is actually easy as you'll see from this Greeting Card Binder project. Find out how to keep those birthday and holiday cards in one place. If you've been trying to get organized, this card binder can help you.
  82. Handmade Cutting Board This DIY project is for the extreme hands-on crafter who knows their way around a table saw. The end result, however advanced the project is, is absolutely worth the time and patience you put into it.
  83. Happy Cloud Glasses Looking for a sweet and simple spring craft for the season? Try making a few of these Happy Cloud Glasses. They make wonderful addition to your home glass wear, and are perfect for spring gatherings.
  84. Happy Spring Wreath When spring is here, it's time to welcome the season with a Happy Spring Wreath, just like this! A handmade wreath that will make your guests smile is just the trick to start spring on a cheerful note.
  85. Hello Spring Baskets I love to give gifts and share something simple with friends and family no matter what time of year it is. This time, I created sweet, simple gift baskets full of spring goodies to help them shake off the winter blues.
  86. Hello Spring Hanging Planter Add a pop of garden green to your home or office space this year with this Hello Spring DIY Hanging Planter. Fill these planters with your favorite succulents or flowers and watch as they add a vertical style statement to your home.
  87. High School Graduation Gift Idea "I love creating on a budget - and if I can combine gift giving, crafting and my love of the dollar store into something meaningful that will make my friends and loved ones smile? Then I get excited."
  88. Homemade Car Garbage Bag Planning a road trip for the spring season? Don't leave home without the Homemade Car Garbage Bag. This handy bag will keep the garbage off your leather seats and in one designated spot. Keeping your car tidy for the road ahead is important.
  89. How to Make a Pallet Garden Add some life to your backyard this spring and learn How to Make a Pallet Garden. Pallet crafts are all the rage right now, and it's easy to see why. With just a few simple steps, you can create a garden of your very own.
  90. How to Make a Ribbon Lei with Three Colors It is a tradition in Hawai'i to give ever graduate - either high school or college - a lei at graduation. They can be made from many different materials, but here on the mainland, some can be harder to find than others.
  91. How to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden Teach yourself How to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden to put a fun spin on traditional gardening. This garden craft idea can even be a fun project to do with your children.
  92. How to Organize Your Home The time has come to learn How to Organize Your Home. You will find satisfaction in decluttering your home and you won't believe the difference. We're here to help you make your spring cleaning easier and hopefully you'll never be so disorganized aga
  93. How To Sew Felt Carrots Here is a brand new free template for felt carrots, and my step-by-step tutorial for felt food. Did you know you can whip up a few pieces of these cute little felt carrots in no time, machine stitching it or hand-stitched? My friends say they look like real carrots.
  94. Jute Wrapped Vase This fun and simple spring craft will give you an easy way to take an old vase and turn it into something new and gorgeous. Make yourself a lovely Jute Wrapped Vase to celebrate the coming of spring.
  95. Kiwi and Watermelon Coasters Crochet coasters are among the easiest patterns to make.A basket of fruit always provides a fresh touch and its always fun to make crochet fruits coasters.These fruit coasters of course make a perfect theme for coasters, which are most often used during meals.
  96. Labeled Pantry Jars All spring crafts should be as functional as these Labeled Pantry Jars. Keep this project in mind for your spring craft ideas because it transforms unused, existing jars into storage containers for your pantry.
  97. Lazy One-Hour DIY Hammock With easy crafts like this, you can be swinging on your very own garden hammock in practically no time at all. With this DIY hammock, you'll be utterly relaxed!
  98. Learn How to Craft Diy Art Using Stencils and a Pallet Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends. Add unique style to your home with a custom piece of wall art. It is very easy to make DIY wall art using paint, a stencil pattern and an old wooden pallet. Today were sharing how you can create your own DIY pallet art using our 10 Arrows Stencil Kit.
  99. Little Felted Birdies One of the best aspects of spring is that all the pretty birds finally come back to town. Celebrate the arrival of the season and their return by making these adorable Little Felted Birdies.
  100. Lovely Spring Crochet Flower Pattern You can never have too many spring crochet patterns, and this particular pattern is too pretty to miss. The Lovely Spring Crochet Flower Pattern is the perfect spring craft project to put on your list, since it looks great in any color!
  101. Magical Metallic Butterflies Bring the bright cheer of springtime into your home when you make these amazing, Magical Metallic Butterflies. These lovely handmade spring decorations take only minutes to make, and will stand out at any event.
  102. Make a Chalkboard Teacher Gift Help your student's teacher stay organized over the summer and Make a Chalkboard Teacher Gift. A grade-A worthy project for any crafter, this lesson plan includes how to make a chalkboard out of foamcore.
  103. Marbled Clay Plant Hanger See how to create these super simple marbled play holders using only polymer clay. And the best part is you can use any colors you would like to create your very own marbled pattern to match your decor!
  104. Mini Felt Pom Flowers These Mini Felt Pom Flowers are so versatile, you can use them for almost anything! String them on a garland or glue them to a frame for a fun homemade spring decoration! Plus you won't believe how simple it is to make flowers like these!
  105. Multi Petal Flower Crochet flowers are great DIY projects to add spring elements into home decoration. They can be fabulous addition to fashion, bedding, home improvements and any other project that needs a little something extra. Here I am sharing a pattern for this very simple and easy to make Multi Petal Flower.
  106. Natural Elements Upcycled Bowls Add a simple and chic touch to your home or office with these stylish Natural Elements Upcycled Bowls. These holiday crafts are made from upcycled thrift store finds, meaning you can enjoy a fun shopping trip without breaking the bank.
  107. Ombre Paint Chip Art for Spring "Paint chip art is one of my favorite types of crafts to make. Simple and inexpensive crafts are the best kind of crafts and this project is definitely one of those. I created a cute sign to welcome spring with just a few supplies and some colorful paint chips from my local hardware store."
  108. Origami Money Graduation Caps "Once spring hits, we start thinking up unique graduate gifts that involve money! One year, we added money to balloons and now weve made the most charming Origami Money Graduation Caps and tassels to go with them!"
  109. Painted Butterflies Candle Pillar When Spring is just around the corner thoughts turn to pastel decor. This wood distressed candle pillar carries the theme with butterflies hovering around its base. The butterfly images are airbrushed onto clear film and adhered to transparency sheets which give the wings their shape.
  110. Painted Flower Urn We didn't think flowers could be any prettier, until we discovered this Painted Flower Urn. This lovely flower urn for spring is hand painted in a beautiful blue that is perfect for the season.
  111. Painted Laundry Room Apple Baskets It's time to stop dreaming of organizing your laundry room and start doing it. This Painted Laundry Room Apple Baskets tutorial not only offers a great spring craft, but also home organizing tips.
  112. Pallet DIY Garden Projects Not everyone has a big and spacious backyard to fill up with garden crafts and funky DIY outdoor ideas. If you have a small space or just plain want more green ideas in your life, consider adding a garden to an unexpected place in your home.
  113. Paper Flowers for Kids Wanna help your kids develop their artistic and motor skills? Try and make these paper flowers for kids together for a fun family activity youll all enjoy! These easy paper flowers for kids are not only fun and adorable but sooo relaxing to make too!
  114. Peacock Dream Catcher "Dream catchers are said to act as dream filters, allowing only good dreams to reach the sleeper! The dream catcher is a handmade craft originated from the Native American culture and now have become popular with everyone."
  115. Penelope's Merry Go Round Square "A beautiful 12" square that can be transformed from motif, to tote, to market bag, to afghan, or even to wall hanging. It's simple, elegant, and easy."
  116. Petite Paper Posies DIY paper flowers are a perfect craft to celebrate Spring. These Petite Paper Posies are adorable paper flower crafts that you could attach to an accessory or use as a Spring table decoration. Learn to make paper flowers with these easy instructions!
  117. Petite Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern Created out of colorful scraps of yarn, this easy crochet pattern makes a great wash cloth as well as a quirky little pot holder crochet pattern.
  118. Photographic Memories Burlap DIY Bookmarks If you enjoy reading, then it's about time you've learned how to make a bookmark that reflects what you love the most. Even with a busy schedule, you can find time to make these Photographic Memories Burlap DIY Bookmarks.
  119. Playroom Pails Spring crafts should coincide with spring cleaning, which is exactly what these Playroom Pails do. The look of the tin pails recalls spring activities like gardening, while the numbers stenciled above the pails helps you stay organized and tidy.
  120. Pressed Flower DIY Serving Tray No matter where you live on the map, sometimes all it takes is a lovely flower craft to bring the sunshine right to your home. If you love the beauty of roses, you will love how this Pressed Flower DIY Serving Tray preserves them in a decor item.
  121. Pretty Henna Art Cabinet Design Make a plain cabinet into a one-of-a-kind piece with a Pretty Henna Art Cabinet Design. If you're wondering how to decorate your room, this cute drawing idea would be easy to stencil or trace onto boring furniture from cabinets to dressers.
  122. Pretty Petal Flowers These Pretty Petal Flowers are so simple, and they can be made practically for free too! All you'll need is some leftover fabric scraps, your hot glue gun, scissors, and a few pretty gemstones to create these fabric flowers.
  123. Radical Repurposed Door Organizer You won't believe you've never thought of these home organizing tips before! From this tutorial, you'll learn how to transform an old door into a beautiful do-it-yourself home decoration that holds kitchen supplies like spatulas, spoons and pans.
  124. Recycled Glass Spring Vases Forget letting glass jars go to waste when you can turn them into adorable spring decor like these Recycled Glass Spring Vases. This project is not only a great way to add a splash of cuteness to your home, but is also a fantastic craft for kids.
  125. Repurposed Rake Spring Decor With a flower bundle and some ribbon, you can turn any old rake into some fresh looking spring decor for your front porch or home! This Repurposed Rake Spring Decor DIY is the perfect project for someone who is short on time but still wants to decorate there home for spring.
  126. Reuse Old Candle Scraps and Make New Candles " So grab all of your Easter candles or any candle scrap you have and join me to reuse them and create our own amazing aromatic candles!"
  127. Sand Art Succulent Terrariums Kids and adults will love creating pretty patterns with colorful sand with these Sand Art Succulent Terrariums. Turn the color volume up to max this spring with this craft that's perfect for the whole family.
  128. Scrap Buster Blanket If you have an abundance of scrap yarn, put it to good use by creating this Scrap Buster Blanket. This beautiful crochet blanket pattern is made with a basket weave stitch which creates a magnificent texture.
  129. Simple Crochet Flower "Everyone loves flowers and they just brighten up our day and make us smile as soon as we see them.Flowers are always a fun crochet project to make at any time of year. If you need a little flower for dressing up your crochet projects,then give this simple flower a try."
  130. Simple Crochet Leaf This Simple Crochet Leaf pattern is a great addition to any crochet flower; it is a quick and easy pattern that is effortless to add to a previously completed project.
  131. Simple Decorated Clothespins These Simple Decorated Clothespins can add a touch of seasonal style to almost anything. It is a very versatile spring craft.
  132. Simple DIY Bird Feeder With this simple garden craft, you can invite feathered friends to your space without spending a fortune. This Simple DIY Bird Feeder is a great addition to any garden, and it's incredibly easy to make.
  133. Simple DIY Cork Wine Stopper If you love wine, you'll love these spring crafts that turn corks into wine stoppers that you can use again and again. You won't believe how easy these spring craft ideas are to make.
  134. Simple Ribbon Flowers We know that sensible spring decor can be hard to come by, but thanks to this spring craft it does not have to be hard to create! These simple fabric flowers are so versatile, you could use them to dress up a vase, headband or even you front door!
  135. Simple Spring Table Runner Quilted table runners are a great way to dress up your dining room for Spring! With its floral design, this Simple Spring Table Runner is a perfect Spring decoration. If you've always wanted to make your own table runner, just follow this tutorial!
  136. Simple Upcycled Tulle Flowers "Everyone loves flowers, and even better are flowers that will never wilt, and constantly add color and joy to your home! These sweet and colorful flowers are super quick and easy to make from repurposed party favor wrappings or scraps of tulle."
  137. Sky Blue Crochet Washcloth Pattern When you start to see those blue skies of spring, it's wonderful to open up the windows and do some spring cleaning. Make this Sky Blue Crochet Washcloth Pattern to freshen up in style.
  138. Small Spring Bonnets These Small Spring Bonnets are simple to make, and it is plenty of fun to watch them bake. Take a few Styrofoam cups and set them in a warm oven to get started on this interesting spring craft.
  139. Soup Can Utensil Holders Start off the spring season organized with these Soup Can Utensil Holders. Use these caddies for anything you can think of. They're perfect to hold plastic utensils at a barbeque, or pens and pencils at your desk.
  140. Spring Banner The perfect Spring party decoration is a festive Spring Banner. This is one of the easiest Spring crafts to make. All you need for this paper craft is some card stock and scrapbook paper, so get ready to celebrate with this easy Spring decoration!
  141. Spring Bouquet Tutorial If you're looking to make Spring decorations for your home, check out these elegant DIY felt flowers. Learning how to make felt flowers is easy with this Spring Bouquet Tutorial. Before you know it you'll have pretty homemade Spring table decorations
  142. Spring Burlap Wreath Add a little spring flair to your front door and welcome in the warmer weather with this beautiful project. The Spring Burlap Wreath is a great spring craft idea that comes together quickly.
  143. Spring Cleaning Collapsible Bins Are you ready for your annual spring cleaning? If you are feeling unorganized, these Spring Cleaning Collapsible Bins are the perfect spring craft for you. This tutorial is the perfect sewing guide to help you get this project finished.
  144. Spring Fabric Flower Wreath "Using a straw wreath form, some yarn, and fabric I made a cheerful wreath for my front door. In my post I show all the steps so that you can easily make one too. This is an excellent use for all those pretty fabric scraps you have laying around in y
  145. Spring Flower Potting Party Invite the gals over this weekend for a Spring Flower Potting Party! Spring is finally here and it demands to be celebrated with bright colors, fun drinks, and a lot of flowers.
  146. Spring Flowers DIY Magnets Add a whimsical floral touch to your kitchen or office desk with these adorable Spring Flowers DIY Magnets. A perfect holiday craft for anyone learning hand embroidery, these spring crafts are a great way to welcome spring with your favorite flowers.
  147. Spring Pom Pom Wreath "This spring pom pom wreath adds a gorgeous pop of color to any room. You can also make with colors for other holidays as well. I'll show you how to make easy pom poms without any special tools or equipment."
  148. Spring Porch Vignette "How adorable is this spring porch vignette full of flowers, showers, and vintage finds? Do you like the flowers, boots, or watering cans the best? Welcome home and welcome spring!"
  149. Spring Ribbon Organizer For spring crafts that help you tidy up, make this Spring Ribbon Organizer. Home craft ideas don't always help you stay exactly neat, but this DIY ribbon box will let you get organized with a lovely project.
  150. Spring Woodland Yarn Wreath Treat your front door to an adorably sweet spring makeover with this Spring Woodland Yarn Wreath. Complete with a cross stitch animal, this DIY wreath is the perfect project if you've always wanted to give wreath-making a shot.
  151. Spring Wreath with Moss "Sping without color and flowers and wreaths, actually cannot be considered as Spring! To be honest this was not my opinion in the past, regarding the wreaths of course, since I was considerring them something difficult to create."
  152. Springtime Decor for Brunch Spring is almost here and it's finally time to celebrate with some fun Spring crafts. I created these fun Dum Dums candy dragonflies to greet guests at a brunch I was hosting.
  153. Springtime Flower Fairies Decorate for the beautiful spring season with these Springtime Flower Fairies. Hoist them outside on your trees, or decorate with them inside your house. The bright colors of the fairies are sure to bring spring with them where ever they go.
  154. Stunning Stamped DIY Flower Pots Add a touch of charm to your garden with these Stunning Stamped DIY Flower Pots. It's easier than you think to make your own flower pots, and you can easily experiment with different stamping techniques to create any design you like.
  155. Sunburst Spring Coaster "Spring is associated with flowers and bright colors! So, here am sharing a very simple Sunburst Spring Coaster.Crochet Coasters are great quick and easy projects. You can make them as a house warming gift or for your own home."
  156. Super Easy Mardi Gras Mask "Here's an easy Mardi Gras mask that anyone can make in 20 minutes. This a fun craft project you can do with kiddos of all ages for Mardi Gras. True Mardi Gras masks cover more of the face, but this version is close enough to be easier for kids!"
  157. Teacher Appreciation Melted Crayon Art Making a mess with art supplies won't lead to detention when you create Teacher Appreciation Melted Crayon Art, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Day May 6. Learn how to melt crayons and upcycle the leftovers into an end of year teacher gift.
  158. Teacher Appreciation Printables Show your teacher how much you care with the Teacher Appreciation Printable. The small french fry box design will allow you to insert your teacher's favorite candies and gift cards. This free printable comes with fun tags to decorate with. Because te
  159. Teacher's Pet Wreath Become a teacher's favorite student by gifting them a Teacher's Pet Wreath, the perfect classroom door decoration. A wreath is a teacher appreciation gift idea that will welcome students back to school or commemorate an outstanding class.
  160. Thai Clay Rose You'll enjoy adding a bright look to a vase when you make this Thai Clay Rose! The budget-friendly and easy spring craft can be used all year, too.
  161. The Cutest Crochet Flower Pattern Learn how to crochet a flower with this beginner-friendly tutorial. The Cutest Crochet Flower Pattern is the most adorable free crochet pattern you'll see all day!
  162. Thread Sketched Placemats If you are in need of some unique placemats for your spring table, check out this easy-to-follow tutorial. These Thread Sketched Placemats are the perfect sewing craft for spring.
  163. Twine Covered Organizational Cans If you want to get organized and love to craft, then these Twine Covered Organizational Cans are for you. Twine craft ideas often go hand-in-hand with recycled crafts like this one. You can use an old baby formula can and refashion it with twine.
  164. Upcycle Jar to Flower Vase I collect everything...ok , almost everything! So one of the things I have are jars, many of them from IKEA. You know, the typical Jar Ikea has with the metallic top. I got so many of them, that actually I used many and again I had a few jars left.
  165. Upcycled Faucet Planter This Upcycled Faucet Planter is super cute and will make your garden look even more special. You can easily make a DIY planter with materials you find in thrift stores or garage sales.
  166. Upcycled Wine Cork Tiny Flower Bed Who would have ever thought that upcycled wine corks could make such adorable decorations? These are probably the cutest and tiniest spring flower beds around and each one takes less than 30 minutes to make. These petite flower beds fit into even the most smallest of spaces.
  167. Vintage French Inspired Display Tray Turn something ordinary into something beautiful like this Vintage French Inspired Display Tray. You could use this DIY tray as a centerpiece for a tea party or as a statement piece on your wedding day.
  168. Vintage French Inspired Hand Mirror If you love to scour antique shops and thrift stores and then fix up your finds, then the Vintage French Inspired Hand Mirror is the perfect project for you. This vintage craft is such a lovely and personalized gift that whoever receives it will love
  169. Vintage Garden Hostess Gift Bringing a hostess gift isn't necessarily required, but it's just a nice thing to do. If you're a little thrifty, you can give them a Vintage Garden Hostess Gift.
  170. Vintage Log Cabin Birdhouse If you've never made spring crafts for the yard, a birdhouse is the perfect place to start, since they're such classic projects. This Vintage Log Cabin Birdhouse will fit right in with your property's rustic theme. These spring craft ideas are cool.
  171. Washcloth Toiletry Travel Wrap As the weather heats up and you think about travel plans, consider some spring crafts that will allow you to travel in comfort. This Washcloth Toiletry Travel Wrap is an easy-to-make bag that will hold all of your necessities.
  172. Washi Tape Mini Pallet Coasters You can make DIY coasters for every holiday and season with this Washi Tape Mini Pallet Coasters craft. This mini wood pallet project is unbelievably cute and they would look great on an end table or desk.
  173. Washi Tape Organizer Pouch Spring cleaning leads to finding little odds and ends that don't belong anywhere but in a Washi Tape Organizer Pouch. This fun and easy craft uses Washi tape to personalize.
  174. Watercolor Marble Ceramic Bowl "This time I was checking all these things you can made with the Watercolor tecnique and I really liked the Marble Colors on them! Everywhere actually! That was it... I had to try this and I knew from the beginning where to try it on!"
  175. Welcome Spring Wreath Create a simple wreath to welcome guests to your home for Spring. This one could not be make AND on your wallet. You don't need to be an accomplished crafter to make this one. And you don't need any fancy supplies either!
  176. Whimsical Flower Pot Covers You don't have to purchase a new flower pot every time you bring home a new plant. Whimsical Flower Pot Covers are a quick and simple craft project to help you hide your plastic pots. This easy sewing project is great even for beginners to try!
  177. Window Pane Spring Craft Add a touch of whimsy to your garden this spring with this adorable and unique Window Pane Spring Craft. This recycled craft project uses antique window panes to frame charming watering can planters. It's two crafts combined into one!
  178. Wooden Cactus Planter "Even thought I am a huge fan of flowers and plants, I am also a destroyer! Oh yes.... none plant can live with me more than a month or two! But on the other hand, I am doing my best to solve this issue!"

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