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  3. Crafts With Recycled Materials You can make so many different crafts with recycled materials. Re-purpose old items with these green recycling crafts and other unique recycled crafts.
  4. Earth Day Decorations Make Earth Day crafts for your home, find Earth Day ideas for party decorations and more! Here you'll also find Earth Day craft projects for kids, so get the whole family involved.
  5. Earth Day for Kids Teach your children the importance of Earth Day with these Earth Day crafts for kids, including Earth Day art projects, Earth Day paper crafts, Earth Day printables and more!
  6. Earth Day Recipes Earth Day crafts can be absolutely edible! Make these food crafts and eat your way through a craft happy Earth Day.
  7. Christmas Crafts to Wear Find ideas for Christmas crafts to wear including Christmas jewelry crafts, Christmas kids clothes, Christmas hair accessories, Christmas clothes for men and so much more!
  8. Christmas Gifts to Make Looking for ideas for Christmas Gifts to Make? Here you can find tons of suggestions for Christmas gifts to make including cheap creative Christmas gifts, easy to make Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts kids can make and so much more!
  9. DIY Christmas Decorations Find Christmas crafts of every type to help decorate your home. The collection includes Christmas ornament crafts, handmade Christmas stockings, home made Christmas wreath ideas and so much more!
  10. Easy Christmas Kids Crafts Find tons of ideas for Easy Christmas Kids Crafts including Christmas decorations that kids can make, Christmas tree ornaments for kids to make, kids fun Christmas activities and lots of other projects!
  11. Handcrafted Christmas Card Ideas Learn how to make the best Christmas card with these Christmas card design ideas. Find homemade Christmas card templates, patterns for handmade Christmas cards, DIY Xmas card ideas and so much more!
  12. Recipes for Christmas Recipes for Christmas, Christmas treats, desserts, and more!
  13. Cinco de Mayo Kids Crafts Help your child celebrate the holiday with Cinco de Mayo crafts, Cinco de Mayo games, Cinco de Mayo decorations and Cinco de Mayo costumes.
  14. Cinco de Mayo Paper Crafts If you're wondering how do you make tissue paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo or want other ideas for Cinco de Mayo decorations, there are plenty of suggestions for Cinco de Mayo paper crafts here.
  15. Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations Learn how to decorate for Cinco de Mayo parties. Find instructions for Cinco de Mayo decorations, Cinco de Mayo costumes, activities for Cinco de Mayo and other Cinco de Mayo party ideas.
  16. Crochet for Easter Find projects to crochet for Easter and other fun craft ideas for Easter. Enjoy these free Easter crochet patterns and more.
  17. Easter Baskets Plenty of ideas for unique Easter baskets, personalized Easter baskets, Easter basket ideas for adults, Easter basket ideas for teenagers, instructions on how to make Easter baskets and so much more!
  18. Easter Crafts for Kids Find free and easy Easter crafts for kids, including Easter preschool crafts and Easter toddler crafts. Also includes kids Easter paper crafts and religious Easter crafts for kids.
  19. Easter Decorations Find great ideas for easy to make Easter decorations, outdoor Easter decoration, Easter home decorations, Easter party decorations and more!
  20. Easter Eggs Find creative Easter egg designs, Easter egg decorating ideas, Easter egg patterns and many other Easter egg craft ideas!
  21. Easter Paper Crafts Find ideas for Easter paper crafts, including kids Easter paper crafts, Easter egg paper craft, printable Easter crafts and more!
  22. Recipes for Easter With all the Easter eggs you've been decorating you may be tempted to get cookin'! These Easter recipes are a delicious way to celebrate the holiday.
  23. Religious Easter Crafts Looking for Easter crafts for adults and children alike? You'll find all sorts of family-friendly religious crafts for Easter including Jesus dolls and other great religious Easter crafts!
  24. Wearable Easter Crafts Don't know what to wear for Easter? Make your own wearable Easter crafts with these projects, including Easter dresses, Easter hats and bonnets, Easter shirts and more!
  25. Fall Crafts for Kids Entertain your child this Fall with these fun Fall kids crafts! There are seasonal crafts for kids of every age, including preschool fall crafts, fall crafts for kindergarten and Fall crafts for children who are a bit older.
  26. Fall Decorations Find everything you need to decorate for Fall! Make your own Fall decorations using these ideas for easy Fall table decorations, Fall house decorations, Fall pumpkin decorations and more!
  27. Fall Paper Crafts Find paper craft projects perfect for Fall in this collection of free Fall paper crafts. From easy Fall crafts to more advanced Fall paper craft ideas, there's plenty to explore here!
  28. Recipes for Fall Recipes for Fall including, apple recipes, pumpkin spice treats, and much more.
  29. Wearable Fall Crafts Find wearable crafts for Fall including Fall jewelry, Autumn accessories, leaf jewelry, fall scarves and more!
  30. Father's Day Cards Give dad a special greeting with one of these homemade Father's Day cards. There are plenty of ideas for Father's Day cards to make that are sure to put a smile on dad's face.
  31. Father's Day Gifts Looking for Father's Day gifts to make for dad? Check out these homemade Fathers Day gift ideas. There are some great easy to make Fathers Day gifts and other free Fathers Day crafts too.
  32. Recipes for Father's Day Looking for Father's Day recipes? Here you'll find tons of recipe ideas that dad will devour. Show your love with these recipe ideas.
  33. Halloween Candy Bags Find tons of fun ideas for Halloween candy bags, including trick or treat bag patterns to sew and knit and other ways to make a personalized trick or treat bag. Don't miss out on any of these cool Halloween trick or treat bags!
  34. Halloween Costumes Find everything you need to make your own Halloween costume, There are award winning homemade Halloween costumes, homemade unusual Halloween costumes, and tons of other DIY Halloween costumes ideas.
  35. Halloween Crafts for Kids Find easy Halloween crafts that are perfect for kids! There's everything from quick kid Halloween crafts to spooky Halloween crafts for kids and so much more!
  36. Halloween Decorations Find tons of ideas for Halloween decorations that you can make yourself! From homemade Halloween table decorations to DIY outdoor Halloween decorations and everything in between, find the best Halloween decorations to make right here!
  37. Halloween Party Decor Projects Find tons of ideas for Halloween decorations that you can make yourself! From homemade Halloween table decorations to DIY banners and everything in between, find the best Halloween decorations to make right here!
  38. Recipes for Halloween Find Halloween craft treats that are fun to make and even more fun to eat! The collection includes edible Halloween crafts, edible Halloween decorations, Halloween edible easy foods snacks and more!
  39. Wearable Halloween Craft Projects Halloween crafts you can wear, including Halloween jewelry, Halloween t-shirts, Halloween clothes for kids, Halloween baby clothes and more.
  40. Chanukah Find tons of ideas for Chanukah crafts and Chanukah projects, including ideas for kids, Hanukkah craft projects, and other free Chanukah crafts you can make at home.
  41. Passover Find all sorts of Passover crafts in this collection of Passover craft ideas. Included are Passover art projects and other Jewish holiday crafts.
  42. Purim If you want ideas for Jewish holiday crafts, check out this collection of free and easy Purim crafts. Included are Purim crafts for kids and other fun DIY Purim projects.
  43. Rosh Hashanah Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these Rosh Hashanah crafts. There are Rosh Hashanah crafts for kids and adults alike, including Rosh Hashanah art projects and other fun Rosh Hashana craft ideas.
  44. Kwanzaa Cards Find ideas for homemade Kwanzaa cards and other Kwanzaa paper crafts. There are also Kwanzaa craft ideas of cards that kids can make to send to friends and family.
  45. Mother's Day Cards Find homemade Mothers Day Card ideas and more in this collection of the best Mothers Day card projects. There are some great ideas for kids Mothers Day cards too.
  46. Mother's Day Decorations Find all sorts of ideas for Mother's Day decorations and suggestions of how to decorate for Mothers Day festivities. When you make your own decorations for Mother's Day, mom's day is that much more special!
  47. Mother's Day Gifts If you're looking for unique Mother's Day gift ideas, here are some great homemade Mothers Day gifts that are cheap and easy to make. Mom will love these special Mothers Day gifts since they're handmade by you!
  48. New Year's Cards Find ideas for how to make your own New Year's cards. Handmade New Years cards are some of the easiest New Years crafts to make and people always enjoy personalized New Years cards.
  49. New Year's Decorations If you're wondering how to make your own New Year's decorations, check out these creative New Year's Eve crafts and New Year's decoration ideas. New Years party crafts are fun and easy to make!
  50. Baby Shower Crafts Make planning a baby shower easy with this selection of baby shower craft ideas including, baby shower decorations, baby shower favors, and baby shower gifts.
  51. Party Recipes These party recipe ideas will turn any dull party into a delicious one. The food is the most important part of your party so make sure to use these easy and tasty party recipes.
  52. Fourth of July Crafts Find everything you need to make fun 4th of July craft projects including easy 4th of July crafts for adults, suggestions for homemade 4th of July decorations, patriotic art projects for kids, and so much more!
  53. Labor Day Looking for free easy holiday crafts to make for Labor Day? Here are some great Labor Day craft ideas including holiday crafts for children to make and easy holiday crafts for adults.
  54. Memorial Day Crafts Looking for Memorial Day craft ideas? Find free craft activities for Memorial Day, Memorial Day art project ideas, Memorial Day crafts for preschoolers and more!
  55. Veterans Day Looking to make crafts for Veterans Day? Here are some free Veterans Day craft ideas, simple Veterans Day crafts, Veterans Day art projects and more!
  56. Spring Crafts for Kids Find free and easy Spring crafts for kids, including preschool Spring crafts, Spring crafts for third graders, and Spring crafts for children of any age!
  57. Spring Decorations Find ideas for easy to make Spring decorations, including Spring table decorations, door decorations for Spring, Spring party decorations and so much more!
  58. Spring Paper Crafts Find ideas for Spring paper crafts including paper garland crafts, paper flower crafts, paper crafts for kids and other projects with instructions on how to make paper craft projects for Spring.
  59. Spring Recipes Take a look through our collection of spring recipes and get cooking this season! Welcome the sunshine with a handful of fabulous meals made from seasonal recipes that we love.
  60. Wearable Spring Crafts Find great ideas for wearable Spring crafts, including craft necklaces and craft hair accessories. There are so many cute Spring craft ideas you can wear after you make them!
  61. Kids Crafts for St. Patrick's Day Find Saint Patrick's Day crafts for kids including leprechaun craft ideas, pot of gold project suggestions, shamrock projects for children and a whole lot more!
  62. St. Patrick's Day Decorations Find everything you need to make your own St. Patrick's Day decorations, including DIY St. Patrick's Day party ideas, shamrock crafts, leprechaun crafts and so much more! These St. Patrick's Day crafts are sure to add a little luck to your holiday ho
  63. St. Patrick's Day Paper Crafts Want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with handmade paper crafts? Check out these fun paper craft projects for St. Patrick's Day including shamrock projects, leprechaun kids crafts and more! Celebrating St. Paddy's Day is a blast when you have these e
  64. St. Patrick's Day Recipes Celebrate the luckiest day of the year with these St. Patrick's Day recipes! Whether you need St. Patrick's day desserts or ideas for your dinner, these St. Patrick's Day recipes are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday.
  65. Wearable Crafts for St. Patrick's Day If you're wondering what to wear for St. Patricks Day, here are some St. Patricks Day craft ideas that you can make and wear! If you want to make the best St. Patricks Day outfit, these St. Patricks Day crafts are for you!
  66. Kids Crafts for Summer There are so many great ideas for summer craft projects for children. Try some of these summer crafts for kids, including easy summer crafts for young children and fun summer crafts for older kids.
  67. Recipes for Summer Looking for new recipe ideas for summer? These summer recipe ideas are fresh and delicious and so easy to make. Quick summer recipes are the way to go. Maximum time in the sun, minimum time in the kitchen!
  68. Summer Decorations Find easy ideas for homemade summer decorations, including free projects for summer table decorations, summer party decorations and other summer theme decorations for your house.
  69. Summer Paper Crafts Find free paper craft projects for summer, including paper flower crafts, summer paper crafts for kids, and lots of other ideas for handmade paper crafts to celebrate summer!
  70. Wearable Summer Crafts Looking for Summer craft projects you can wear? Here are some great wearable Summer crafts such as summer craft jewelry, summer craft hair accessories, summer craft clothing ideas and more!
  71. Kids Thanksgiving Crafts Find great ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for children that are easy and fun to make! These Thanksgiving kids crafts include Thanksgiving preschool crafts, Thanksgiving crafts for pre k and Thanksgiving crafts for kids and teenagers alike!
  72. Recipes for Thanksgiving The most important part of Thanksgiving is the food and with these recipes, you can't go wrong! These Thanksgiving recipes are easy and delicious.
  73. Thanksgiving Decorations Find everything you need to make your own Thanksgiving decorations, including Thanksgiving table decorations, easy Thanksgiving dcor ideas for your home, old fashioned Thanksgiving decorations and other great ideas to make Thanksgiving special!
  74. Thanksgiving Paper Crafts These paper crafts Thanksgiving ideas are free and easy to make. Find Thanksgiving paper crafts and ideas for creative handmade paper crafts to celebrate Turkey Day.
  75. Crochet for Valentine's Day If you want ideas for Valentine's Day crochet, we've got Valentine crochet patterns for everything from a heart pillow to a crochet beaded heart, along with great crochet Valentine gifts and more.
  76. Kids Valentine's Crafts These free crafts for Valentines Day are perfect for children. Included in these easy kids Valentines crafts are Valentines heart crafts, Valentine paper crafts, Valentines Day crafts for young children and so much more!
  77. Recipes for Valentine's Day Cook up something delicious for your honey this Valentine's Day. These Valentine's Day recipes are delicious and easy. The best cooking comes from the heart.
  78. Valentine's Day Cards Find a ton of ideas for homemade Valentine cards. Make your own Valentine card for that someone special with some of these personalized Valentine cards and instructions for how to make handmade Valentines.
  79. Valentine's Day Decorations Celebrate Valentine's Day with these homemade Valentine decorations. From paper Valentine decorations to table decorations for Valentines Day to other unique Valentine decorating ideas, you'll find everything you need to decorate for Valentine's Day!
  80. Valentine's Day Gifts Looking for easy Valentine's Day gifts to make? Here are some great homemade gift ideas for Valentine's Day, including romantic Valentines gifts to make, Valentine personalized gift ideas, and other Valentine unique gift projects to make.
  81. Valentine's Day Paper Crafts Looking for Valentine's Day paper crafts to help you celebrate? Here are some craft ideas using paper that are perfect for Valentine's Day, including paper garlands, heart crafts, paper crafts for kids, and more!
  82. Valentine's Day Sewing Find Valentine sewing patterns, ideas of things to sew for Valentines Day, beginner sewing projects for Valentine's Day, Valentines cute sewing projects and other free easy sewing projects to make Valentine's Day special.
  83. Wearable Valentine's Day Crafts Find lots of ideas for wearable Valentine's Day crafts, including Valentine t shirts, Valentine dresses, Valentine jewelry, and other great wearable Valentines ideas.
  84. Wedding Recipes Your wedding should be absolutely delicious and with these wedding recipes, it absolutely will be. From bridal shower recipes to recipes for weddings, we've got you covered.
  85. Wearable Winter Crafts Here are some fun free Winter craft projects you can wear. Included are ideas for Winter hats, Winter hat and scarf sets, snowflake jewelry craft ideas and other projects to make Winter fashion accessories.
  86. Winter Crafts for Kids There are so many great childrens Winter crafts. Here are some of the best Winter crafts for kids, including easy Winter crafts for kids, Winter crafts for 1st graders, Winter crafts for preschoolers, and other free Winter crafts for older kids.
  87. Winter Decorations Here you'll find tons of great winter wonderland decorating ideas including snowflake lanterns, DIY wreaths, snow globes, and many other winter wonderland decorations.
  88. Winter Paper Crafts Find ideas for Winter paper crafts including instructions on creating snowflakes with paper, how to make a snowman out of paper plates, other snowman paper crafts and more cute Winter paper craft ideas.
  89. Winter Recipes This winter should be absolutely delicious and with these winter recipes, it absolutely will be. From cute snowman treats to recipes for hot chocolate and more, we've got you covered.
  90. Birthday Recipes Browse through these recipes for birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. These food crafts will surely make your birthday party an unforgettable one.


  1. "I Still Do" DIY Dish Towels "Nothin' says lovin' like dish towels, right? Well, these dish towels do add some Valentine's Day cuteness to the kitchen."
  2. "Valentines Day Ideas: 14 Heart Crafts and Cute Valentines Day Crafts" eBook We know that no holiday is complete without a selection of amazing crafts to work on! That's why we have created the Valentine's Day Ideas: 14 Heart Crafts and Cute Valentine's Day Crafts eBook.
  3. 47 Heart Craft Ideas for Valentine's Day You don't need to spend a small fortune on Valentine's Day decor and gifts. With these 47 Heart Craft Ideas for Valentine's Day, you can create gorgeous and unique projects that family and friends are sure to love. Show off your crafty side with amazing these heart craft ideas!
  4. Adorable Crochet Heart Appliques Quick and easy to make, these Adorable Crochet Heart Appliques will be a wonderful surprise. The budget-friendly Valentine's Day craft is a scrap-buster.
  5. Adorable DIY Cuffs Bracelets "Whether you're making a Valentine's Day gift or just looking to spend quality time with your kids, these diy cuffs bracelets are a fun, affordable and super easy project! This project is a wonderful way to recycle some paper tubes."
  6. Beautiful Knitted Rose Put your knitting skills to use this Valentine's Day by making this Beautiful Knitted Rose for someone special! Everyone loves homemade Valentine's Day gifts, and this one is especially nice because it can be attached to a magnet or a pin.
  7. Braille Valentine's Day Cards "Create a Valentine that is texture rich and has love you can FEEL- with a Braille Valentine's Day Card! This is an easy project that uses layers and textures to give it a lush feel. Perfect for beginners or intermediate papercrafters."
  8. Chocolate Love Bug Valentine "Love Bug Chocolate Craft is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for kids or for a family member. Includes printable to make the valentine easier and faster to create."
  9. Conversation Heart Magnets These Conversation Heart Magnets are a cute and easy Valentine's Day craft you can throw together in no time at all. They make a great party favor and would be perfect for your kids to hand out to their friends at school.
  10. Country Gingham Heart Wreath Add a rustic look to your home when you create this Country Gingham Heart Wreath! The easy Valentine's Day craft has a country-inspired design that will look amazing when the wreath is placed on your front door or displayed on a wall in your home.
  11. Crochet Simple Hearts "This crochet simple hearts pattern is one of the easiest patterns to master. It has only two rounds. The first round is made with a magic circle and double crochet stitches. The last round shapes the heart by working a number of basic crochet stitches around the circle."
  12. Crochet Valentine Mug Cozy Pattern "It's almost Valentine's Day. If have a long list of crafts and crochet gifts that you want to make this year, try making a red and hot pink Crochet Valentine Mug Cozy. These cozies are easy to make and work up rather quickly."
  13. Cupid's Fruit Kabob Arrows "For Valentine's Day my son's class is having a party. I volunteered to make a healthy treat for the party and came up with a fun fruit kabob idea."
  14. Cute and Easy Bow Tie Kids Valentine "Bow ties classroom valentine ideas for kids are cute, cheap and easy. Use the printables then add a two pack starburst candy. A great valentine's day idea for friends."
  15. Cute Valentine's Day Mason Jar "This Valentines mason jar is so super simple to make and will look great in your home. Give this quick and easy Valentines Day craft a try!"
  16. DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder Do you know a puppy dog that would appreciate Valentines Day treats? Our dog certainly wouldn't pass them up. If you have a dog lover in your life, why not treat them to something simple this Valentine's Day - a DIY Dog Poop Bag or Treat Holder for all of those walks they'll be taking.
  17. DIY Etched Glass Bottle Make treasure out of trash with this DIY Etched Glass Bottle craft. You won't believe how easy this glass etching idea is. You won't be able to stop yourself from etching every glass surface in the house.
  18. DIY Heart-Shaped Candles Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with these DIY Heart-Shaped Candles! This Valentine's Day craft for beginners is thrifty and fun to make.
  19. DIY Mini Gift Boxes No need to buy gift boxes when you can make adorable, pretty and personalized recycled gift boxes for a fraction of the cost.
  20. DIY Recycled Bag Rag Wreath for Valentine’s Day "Reuse the countless plastic grocery bags you have to make a waterproof, weather-proof recycled plastic bag rag wreath! This project takes about two hours to complete, is incredibly basic, costs less than $5 and is perfect for crafters of all ages!"
  21. DIY Tattoo Valentine Planters Brighten a loved one's day when you make these DIY Tattoo Valentine Planters! The esay Valentine's Day craft is one that even kids can help make. The result is a creative and unique planter that will be used for years to come.
  22. DIY Twine Balls While vase filler is a favorite, it can be very expensive. Make your own for pennies! With just a few simple items, you can have a gorgeous vase filled with twine balls of any size you'd like. The best part is that you can customize them!
  23. DIY Valentine Candle Holder Quick and easy to make, this DIY Valentine Candle Holder will make a beautiful gift for loved ones. The easy Valentine's Day craft has so much potential, as it can also be used as a small vase when it is not in use with a candle.
  24. DIY Valentine Candle Holder Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day craft for a loved one - and maybe even something just for you? Then this DIY Valentine Candle Holder is what you need! The beginner-friendly holiday craft won't take you long to make.
  25. DIY Valentine Clay Heart Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with this DIY Valentine Clay Heart! The easy Valentine's Day craft is too cute to miss.
  26. DIY Valentine Heart String Lights Add a beautiful glow to your Valentine's Day festivities when you create these DIY Valentine Heart String Lights! The easy Valentine's Day craft is fun to make and can be customized, too. Consider including your names or initials on each heart for a truly unique look!
  27. DIY Valentine Mailboxes These DIY Personalized Valentine Mailboxes are the perfect way to enjoy the holiday. With a bit of scrap vinyl, a cutting machine and computer, you can make create a fun and personal project for all the members of your family, classmates, teachers or friends and neighbors.
  28. DIY Valentine's Day Bouquets Sweep your Valentine off their feet when you create these DIY Valentine's Day Bouquets! The trio of free Valentine's Day printables will be a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday while also giving your loved one a bouquet of flowers.
  29. DIY Valentine's Day Chocolate Box Decoration Take upcycling to the next level with this DIY Valentine's Day Chocolate Box Decoration! This Valentine's Day craft is perfect for beginners.
  30. DIY Valentine's Day Penguin Notepads This Valentine's Day, give these adorable penguin notepads to your dear friends! They are fun to craft and make a useful and thoughtful gift!
  31. DIY Valentine's Day Treat Box Gift sweets and treats to friends this Valentine's Day in these beautiful treat boxes! Create them using your favorite decorative papers!
  32. DIY Valentine's Day Tree "Create a Valentine's Day statement piece with an old vase, some marbles, and a silk flower stem! This DIY projects is so simply and would be perfect for kids or adults."
  33. DIY Valentine's Day Wall Decorations "DIY wall decorating ideas are fun, fascinating and can be a great and inexpensive way to add personality to a boring wall. Here's a DIY Valentines Day decorations project made with recycled toilet paper rolls. "
  34. Dollar Store Bulletin Board Craft Make this fun dollar store bulletin board craft idea today. Check out what I made with fun items from the dollar bin at one of my favorite stores. I love crafts that are quick, simple and inexpensive and this one fits all three.
  35. Dollar Store Valentine's Wreath Making wreaths is one of my favorite crafting activities. Not only do I love having something pretty to hang on our front door, but it's also a great craft to put together while you're watching a favorite show on the television!
  36. Drawstring Treat Bag Tutorial "This special handmade treat bag will make any small gift extra sweet! You will love being able to put some scrap fabrics to good use and I promise that your recipient will be thrilled to take them off your hands."
  37. Easy DIY Heart Applique When you start using this Easy DIY Heart Applique, you just might not want to stop! This Valentine's Day craft for beginners is a fun decoration.
  38. Easy Sharpie Jar Valentine's Day Gift "Sharpie dot projects are so easy to do, you'll be looking for cute ways to share gifts with family and friends. This Valentine's Day treat jar only requires basic supplies and a simple technique. You can make this in about 5-10 minutes."
  39. Easy Valentine Bag "Make a spectacularly easy Valentines bag for your favorite Valentine. All it takes is some basic sewing skills and crafting supplies, easily thrifted items, and a heart full of love. It's the perfect DIY gift for a friend or a child in your life. The best part? It only took about 20 minutes!"
  40. Easy Valentine's Day Heart Stamps "Kids love crafting during the holidays, and these easy Valentine's Day heart stamps are perfect for little hands. You will love that these make it easy to decorate cards and more - perfect for Valentine's Day!"
  41. Elegant Paper Hearts Bouquet Add a beautiful look to any room with this Elegant Paper Hearts Bouquet! The paper craft looks complicated, but it's the perfect holiday craft for beginners.
  42. Fabric Flowers These cute little Fabric Flowers will make a great accent piece for your Valentine's Day presents this year.
  43. Free Printable Valentine Cards "Four free printable Valentine Day cards. Four designs, two designs with a graphic heart balloon saying hi, I love you or hi, I like you. Two other designs left blank for you to add a heart lollipop or heart balloon or other treat for your Valentine that says hi, i like you or hi, i love you!"
  44. Funky Fringed Felt Heart "Create this simple Fringed Felt Heart DIY craft project for Valentine's Day. It's also perfect for adding a bit of color to your walls this spring!"
  45. Glittery Paper Mosaic Heart Quick and easy to make, this Glittery Paper Mosaic Heart is a beautiful decoration that will look stunning when placed in a window or on a door.
  46. Glittery Valentine's Day Hearts If you love easy glitter crafts, then these Glittery Valentine's Day Hearts are for you! The unique Valentine's Day craft is a wonderful way to add sparkle and shine to the special holiday. You can hange these decorations in the window or in the doorway for a truly creative look.
  47. Gorgeous Herb Infused Bath Tea Bags "Don't throw those tea bags away. Instead, spoil yourself or that someone special in your life with these beautifully scented herbal bag bags this Valentine's day. They are super easy to make and smell divine. You can make a whole bunch to give to family, friends and other loved ones."
  48. Handmade Soap Hearts These Handmade Soap Hearts make it easy to whip up a quick Valentine's Day craft. Use these soaps to add some spirit to your bathroom this holiday season.
  49. Hanging Wired Button Hearts "Easy to make, these wired button hearts are a great way to turn your odd buttons into something new. Make the wired button hearts with buttons in your favorite colors. They make a great wedding token/decoration or keepsake, too."
  50. Happy Camper Valentine Card Box I created Camper Potholders, Camper Ornaments, and now I have put together a Happy Camper Valentine Card Box.
  51. Heart Faux Flower Wreath It won't take much time to decorate your home for Valentine's Day when you make this Heart Faux Flower Wreath! This Valentine's Day craft is budget-friendly.
  52. Heart Keychain Hearts are always cute in any project we use them.It is the month of making lots and lots of hearts themed projects. Valentines Day is a day for celebrating love. You cant go wrong with the gift of a heart for Valentines Day.
  53. Heart Painted Candy Box "Bring on the Valentine's Day candy with this fun and creative HEART PAINTED CANDY BOX! So simple to create a colorful container for any occasion."
  54. Heart-Shaped Kindness Rocks Budget-friendly and easy to make, these Heart-Shaped Kindness Rocks are the perfect craft for kids of all ages. This Valentine's Day craft is a great way to share fun messages for the holiday while creating a keepsake-worthy gift.
  55. Homemade Pixie Stick and Printable Valentines "Opt for a healthier Valentine's Day. Make your own pixie sticks with paper straws. This pixie stick recipe and printable valentines day card will surely be a hit."
  56. How to Plan a Galentine's Day Party Shower your special girlfriends with any of these Galentine's Day ideas to create an unforgettable day focused on friendship and girl power. This article, How to Plan a Galentine's Day Party, will inspire you to make cute gifts and more.
  57. I Heart Coffee Cozy Tutorial with Printable Having a fabric cozy to take with you to the coffee shop helps you feel like you're doing your part in keeping the cardboard ones out of the dumpsters.
  58. I Heart You Mug Cozy If you're looking for a quick yet thoughtful gift to give to your loved one this Valentine's Day, make the I Heart You Mug Cozy. If they drink coffee or tea every day, then they will use this crochet mug cozy and think of you every single day.
  59. I Love Tawashis "Tawashis are the most adorable sort of pint sized scrubby! Use these for the kitchen, of course, but also keep a basket handy in the bathroom for makeup removal and facial cleansing."
  60. Kawaii Heart Balloon "Heart balloon bouquets are a fun way to surprise your Valentine this year! You can pick up the balloons at the dollar store for an inexpensive and adorable treat! I picked up some vinyl sticker and created fun shapes to make the cutest smiley faces for your kawaii balloons."
  61. Last-Minute Frugal Easy Valentine’s Gift "This easy Valentine's Day craft project only costs a whopping $0.50 and not surprisingly, it's an upcycled project. Valentine's Day is a nice holiday, but after the Christmas rush (and exhaustion), you want to keep it simple."
  62. Lovely Heart Sachet Show someone just how much you care with this Lovely Heart Sachet. It makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Make one for your mother or sister this February.
  63. Lovely Quilled Paper Hearts Elegant as can be, these Lovely Quilled Paper Hearts will be the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you! The easy paper craft is simply stunning.
  64. Lovely Vintage Valentine's Sweater Wreath "Making a beautiful Valentine's Wreath doesn't have to break the bank. Did you know that you can make a stunning wreath using an old sweater? Pick up a wreath form and pretty wool sweater at a thrift store, and you're pretty much good to go."
  65. Mail Pouch Valentine Holders Try out a fun and creative way to store your little ones' valentines when you make these Mail Pouch Valentine Holders for them. This fun Valentine's Day craft for kids is a great way to prepare for everyone's favorite February holiday.
  66. Make a Valentine's Day Card Holder "Re-purpose a cardboard six-pack beverage carrier into a cute and practical carrier for Valentine's Day goodies. Use colored scrapbook or card stock paper to cover the six-pack carrier and transform it into a sweet butterfly."
  67. Message in a Bottle Valentine "Valentines Day will be here before you know it. You can send these message in a bottle Valentines to your kids, classmates, or your sweetheart. A simple project that is just too cute and the recipient will love getting a secret message from you."
  68. Minted-Inspired Heart Photo Print "Flipping through a magazine I actually stopped to look at an ad! What caught my eye was this stunning foil-pressed heart photo snapshot by online stationary retailer, Minted. What was not so attractive was the price, starting at $57-$116."
  69. No Sweets for my Sweeties! "Skip the sweet treats this Valentine's Day and opt for a lasting gift instead. This free printable offers packaging for a car, airplane, and frog."
  70. Owl Always Love You Towel You can keep every room in your house festive this Valentine's Day with the Owl Always Love You Towel. This adorable design features an owl along with some red ribbon and hearts.
  71. Paint Splatter Heart Balloons "Pick up some inflated heart balloons at the dollar store and make a fun balloon bouquet for your Valentine! Splattering paint is SUCH a fun technique that you will love to use on every crafty project on your future."
  72. Paper Chain Heart Garland "Step by step instructions on how to make this simple but pretty heart garland for Valentine's Day."
  73. Pretty Heart-Shaped Pom Pom You won't believe how easy and affordable it is to make a Pretty Heart-Shaped Pom Pom. You can learn how to make a yarn pom pom in just a few simple steps, so you'll be making DIY Valentine's decorations in a matter of minutes.
  74. Puppy Love Bandana Show your precious pooch some love this February and whip up a Puppy Love Bandana for them. Your pup will be the most stylish pet on the block with this cute handmade accessory for the holiday.
  75. Pure Love Mosaic DIY Box Celebrate the month of love with this darling little DIY storage box that can be used to store all your special trinkets. Use mosaic skills, soft hues of pink, and a white heart tile as the focus point of this Pure Love Mosaic DIY Box.
  76. Quick Hot Glue Heart Ornaments Each of these hearts was made in less than 5 minutes time and all you will need to make one is the hot glue gun and a red sparkly glue stick.
  77. Quilled Paper Heart Decoration Wear your heart on your sleeve - or at least place it on a wall - with the Quilled Paper Heart Decoration! This beginner papercraft project is sure to delight.
  78. Recycled Game Blocks: Valentine's Day Decor "Game blocks qualify as the perfect thrift store item to repurpose. Here's a project for Valentine's decor upcycled from recycled blocks. This would also be a great project to make with the kiddos. You will be so happy with these cute little blocks."
  79. Romantic Rose Earrings Put a smile on a loved one's face when you make these Romantic Rose Earrings! The easy Valentine's Day craft is budget-friendly and won't take you too long to make.
  80. Rustic and Romantic Luminaries These Rustic and Romantic Luminaries are the perfect touch to add to your romantic Valentine's Day dinner. These handsome vintage luminaries are made simply by decorating a few mason jars with doilies, burlap and ribbon.
  81. Rustic Button Valentine's Heart "Learn how to make this adorable Rustic Button Valentine's Heart craft using a wooden heart as the base to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. It's nice to have Valentine's Day decorations that aren't just frilly doilies, right?"
  82. Sacred Heart Sculpture Need creative ideas for Valentines Day decorations or gifts? Create these beautiful sacred heart sculptures inspired by Mexican folk art. Learn how to make them with this fun Valentines Day craft tutorial.
  83. Sharpie Dotted Cup Craft "If you love giving loved ones a simple, sweet gift for Valentine's Day, then these fit the bill perfectly. Pair with a favorite hot cocoa mix and you're set. With just a few materials, you can make these for almost nothing at all!"
  84. Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland "You can make this Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland out of fun tassels from Targets Bullseyes Playground section. The shimmer is a stand-out feature because of the threads of metallic pink, red and gold mixed in the yarn."
  85. Silly Monster Valentine Box If you're looking for Valentine mailbox ideas for your kid's classroom, this Silly Monster Valentine Box is one of the best! Even though it doesn't look too Valentine-y, this monster-themed box is the perfect receptacle for classmates' love notes!
  86. Simple Candy Party Stand When you look at this Simple Candy Party Stand you think "Wow, cute!" Then you think, "Why didn't I think of that?!" This Valentine's Day decoration is so easy, you'll want to make a bunch of these Valentines crafts for your next party!
  87. Small Crochet Heart Applique With Valentines Day right around the corner, its definitely time to start working on some heart patterns. So I thought it would be fun to share some heart themed projects all along. Crochet heart patterns are always a popular choice at Valentine's Day.
  88. Stitched with Love Knit Valentine Paper just doesn't cut it when you want to say "I love you," now does it? We think yarn is much better suited for the occasion, especially when you turn it into a cute Stitched with Love Knit Valentine!
  89. Stuffed Crochet Heart "Whats better than hearts for Valentines Day? Its that time of year again, when everything is adorned with hearts which is one of the most iconic symbols of love!!!! With Valentines Day coming up, is there a better time to try to make a heart than now?"
  90. Sweet Strawberry DIY Pom Pom Learning how to make yarn pom poms is a quick way to turn a drab accessory into a charming one. This tutorial on how to make a Sweet Strawberry DIY Pom Pom is a fun twist on a simple concept.
  91. Sweetheart Buffalo Check Mug Mat Loved ones are sure to think of you every time they use this Sweetheart Buffalo Check Mug Mat! The easy Valentine's Day craft uses the classic buffalo check, resulting in a mug rug that everyone will want to use long after Valentine's Day is over.
  92. Teacher Valentine Takeout Boxes "For a simple Valentine for your child's teacher get a takeout box or some other container, fill it with his or her favorite candy and attach the hearts from the printable. It's a simple gesture to show your child's teacher a little love on Valentine
  93. Top 10 Best Valentine's Day Crafts Get crafty cute this Valentine's Day and make your own decorations, gifts, and sweet treats! Our list of the Top 10 Best Valentine's Day Crafts will be sure to inspire your creativity.
  94. Upcycled Candy Heart Box Valentine's Day is the one time of year everything is covered in hearts. So try making an Upcycled Candy Heart Box and join in the fun.
  95. V-Day Wreath Make sure your neighbors know you love Valentine's Day with this heart door wreath. Made from neon-colored boas, there's nothing subtle about this V-Day Wreath. If you're looking for Valentine party decorations, this wreath is sure to be a hit!
  96. Valentine Candy Poppers There's no reason to buy those cheesy pre-packaged valentine cards when making homemade Valentine's Day gifts is this easy! These Valentine Candy Poppers are the perfect simple Valentines Day crafts for kids to make for their friends.
  97. Valentine Mini Fabric Basket Cute, practical, and quick to make, this Valentine Mini Fabric Basket is the perfect project for sewists. The budget-friendly Valentine's Day craft is also just the right size for storing an assortment of small candies or even your favorite sewing notions.
  98. Valentine Mug Rug Sewing Tutorial "Need an easy gift idea for Valentines Day? This Valentine mug rug tutorial is cute and practical and would make a great gift for a wedding or anniversary too!"
  99. Valentine Sock Angel "Angels aren't just for the Christmas season! Whip up this sweet Valentine Sock Angel Doll in no time at all with just a few supplies. Paint on a heart mouth and she's ready to bring a little love and Valentine cheer to your home."
  100. Valentine's Day Buckets Looking for a multipurpose Valentine's Day craft? Try making a few of these fun Valentine's Day Buckets.
  101. Valentine's Day Bunting Are you looking for Valentine party decorations? Why not make your own? This Valentine's Day Bunting looks so professional your friends will think you spent a ton of money on it, but really it's a simple Valentines Day sewing project.
  102. Valentine's Day Candy Envelopes "Make these quick and easy Valentine's Day candy envelopes to pass out to all of your friends and family. Fill these envelopes with your favorite sweets and treats and finish it off with a twine bow."
  103. Valentine's Day Cute Tic Tacs "Make these cute little treats for friends and loved ones on Valentines Day. These are quick, easy and adorable. The perfect little gift to let friends know you're thinking of them. And they'd be a great project to do with kids."
  104. Valentine's Day Display What better way to decorate your house for Valentine's Day than creating this festive Valentine's Day Display? This great crafting project will look perfect in your home.
  105. Valentine's Day Pet Bandanas Style your furry friend in one of these adorable Valentine's Day Pet Bandanas. These bandanas make for a fun and easy craft you can finish within an hour.
  106. Valentine's Day Pillows "No idea what to give as a Valentine present to your loved ones? These Valentines Day Pillows are easy to personalize and take little to no time to make!"
  107. Valentine's Day Take Out Boxes "Make these adorable take out boxes with wooden hearts and beads to pass out sweets and treats for Valentine's Day! They also make the perfect party favors."
  108. Valentine's Day Wreath Looking for easy, cute and inexpensive Valentine decorations for the home? This valentines day wreath is perfect to make your home a little more festive.
  109. Valentine's Felt Placemat "This adorable felt placemat is the perfect addition to your family or romantic Valentine's Day dinner! Made with felt and a bit of lace, you can use glue for the whole thing or choose to hand stitch on the hearts."
  110. Valentine's Paper Doily Adult Coloring Page This Valentines Day, get ready to show your Cupid just how much you love him with pictures to color for adults. Inspired by a paper doily, this Valentine's Paper Doily Adult Coloring Page features a heart filled with delicate flowers and hearts.
  111. Valentine's Party Brooches These Valentine's Party Brooches make perfect party favors for your holiday gathering. Make them for your own crafty party or your daughter's Valentine's Day get to together.
  112. Valentine's Straw Toppers "Make fun straw toppers with pretty paper and stickers! It's simple- just cut 1.5" widths of paper (bonus points for using fancy scissors) and accordion pleat to make a simple rosette."
  113. Valentines Drawstring Gift Bag "If you are stuck up for last minute gift ideas for Valentines day.......... then, have no fear..... this Valentines Drawstring Gift Bag is your ultimate solution. Just whip up this cute little Drawstring bag in no time.You can easily make this in less than an hours time."
  114. Valentines Topiary Tree If you want to decorate for Valentines Day but are sick of Cupid crafts and traditional heart designs, why not make this beautiful Valentines Topiary Tree? The sheen on the red ribbon really makes this Valentines Day decoration pop!
  115. Very Sweet Valentine Nail Art Every lady likes to feel a little special on Valentine's Day. This year, treat yourself to Very Sweet Valentine Nail Art. This DIY manicure tutorial teaches you how to care for your hands and nails during the winter season.
  116. Vintage Luminaries Say hello to romance this February when you make your own set of Vintage Luminaries. This mason jar craft is the perfect way to set the mood on Valentine's Day.
  117. Waffle Stitch Mug Cozy with a Heart Applique Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, I wanted to add another cute Valentines Day themed pattern to my bucket list. I love making handmade gifts and I whipped up this quick and easy Waffle Stitch Mug Cozy.
  118. Wire Wrapped Picture Stand Say something special this Valentine's Day with the Wire Wrapped Picture Stand. This Valentine's Day craft can be a romantic gift for your sweetheart or a thoughtful gift for your parents or children.
  119. With Love from Me to You Mailbox There's a cute and festive way to store your valentines this season. This With Love from Me to You Mailbox doubles as card storage and Valentine's Day decor.

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