75+ Easy Christmas Crafts to Make at the Last Minute


75+ Easy Christmas Crafts to Make at the Last Minute

From stocking stuffer ideas to Christmas ornament ideas, we have it all here!


Easy Christmas Crafts to Make at the Last Minute

Just because December 25th is right around the corner doesn't mean there isn't still time to make some easy Christmas crafts. Find stocking stuffer ideas, Christmas ornament ideas, and tons of handmade Christmas craft ideas with our favorite 75+ Easy Christmas Crafts to Make at the Last Minute. Whether you're looking to craft your own gifts for friends and family, or whether you're looking to create some unique homemade Christmas decorations, then these are just the projects you need. Don't let the holiday season pass you by without taking advantage of these easy holiday crafts!

Christmas can be a stressful time and you might suddenly realize in the middle of December that you haven't decorated or finished your shopping. Take a deep breath, because we have you covered with this collection of quick Christmas crafts.

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Get started with this awesome video on how to make a Christmas List Ornament!

Handmade Christmas Gifts

One of the biggest stresses leading up to the holidays is finding the perfect present for everyone on your Christmas list. If you're pressed for time but still want to give handmade Christmas gifts to your friends and family, here's what you should do.  First, don't panic! Second, take a look at our fabulous list of Christmas craft gift ideas below to find easy-to-make Christmas crafts for neighbors, teachers, and other special people in your life. See, wasn't that simple?

You've come to the right place for the best DIY Christmas gifts. We have you covered with the perfect match for anyone on your list. Your loved ones will surely feel special when they receive such heartfelt presents.

Crochet Mini Ornament Bookmark

Crochet lovers rejoice! This Crochet Mini Ornament Bookmark is a perfect idea for handmade Christmas gifts at the last minute. 

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Handmade Coasters for Christmas

There's nothing quite like these Handmade Coasters for Christmas because each set is specially designed by you.

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Snowman Mason Jar Candle

Get ready to be adorable when you make this Snowman Mason Jar Candle. Create your own DIY candle that you can make any scent you want!

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Little Sachet Stocking Stuffers

If you've been stumped for stocking stuffer ideas, make a bunch of these adorable Little Sachet Stocking Stuffers and you'll have everyone on your list covered. 

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DIY Mason Jar Reindeer Gift

If you're looking for easy and fun Christmas crafts that you can give as gifts this season, this DIY Mason Jar Reindeer Gift is simple to make and easily customized.

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Heart Map Homemade Christmas Gifts

If you're looking for personalized homemade gift ideas grab a map of a special location and create any of these Heart Map Homemade Christmas Gifts. 

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Layered Scent Holiday Candles

If you've always wanted to learn how to make candles, there is no better time than the holidays. With this tutorial, you will learn how to make beautiful Layered Scent Holiday Candles. 

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Stacked Photo Block Ornament

This sweet Stacked Photo Block Ornament is simply adorable and so easy to make. We know it would make the perfect gift for a grandparent, aunt or uncle!

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Magic Money Mason Jar Snow Globe

This Magic Money Mason Jar Snow Globe is anything but boring. Give your loved one a fun element of surprise to an otherwise predictable gift. 

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Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

When you're short on time but still want to create that special homemade feel for Christmas, there's one thing that can really help you out. These simple yet cute Christmas ornament ideas are just what you need. Since they're so small, ornaments are some of the best Christmas crafts to make at the last minute. All of the Christmas ornament ideas featured below can be made in one evening, so don't worry if December 25th is just days away.

You simply can't celebrate the holidays without making homemade Christmas ornaments. What else could make your tree look so unique?

A Little Burlap Love

Add A Little Burlap Love to your Christmas tree this holiday season. This beautiful and rustic ornament is easy to make and should cost very little. 

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Trendy Pillow Ornament

Not all homemade Christmas ornaments have to be holiday-related. We love this Trendy Pillow Ornament because it will add a touch of modern style to your Christmas decor. 

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Personalized DIY Ornaments

Personalized DIY Ornaments are sophisticated and add a special touch to any decorated tree. You can make these easy-to-make ornaments for yourself or to give as personalized gifts. 

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Stashbuster Candy Cane Ornaments

We're not sure what we like most about these Stashbuster Candy Cane Ornaments, the fact that they are completely adorable, or the fact that they make use of your scraps! 

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Twisted Yarn Wreath Ornaments

These Twisted Yarn Wreath Ornaments are the perfect simple Christmas crafts for kids because they require minimal supplies and very few steps. 

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Cupcake Liner Ornaments

This year, try creating these Cupcake Liner Ornaments! They're an easy and affordable way to make your tree your own. 

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Dog Bone Christmas Ornament

This Dog Bone Christmas Ornament is not only easy to make but affordable! What a great way to celebrate canine pals during the holidays.

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Baking Pan Tin Stars

These Baking Pan Tin Stars will look lovely on your tree, and you can make a bunch for the price of one store-bought star!

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Junk Mail Ornaments

Tired of all that junk mail that piles up day after day, especially during the holidays? Make use of it all with the cute and simple Junk Mail Ornaments. 

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Gingerbread House Ornament

This needle-point Gingerbread House Ornament is a fun and simple Christmas craft for you to try out this holiday season. 

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Glittery Cupcake DIY Ornament

Make your Christmas tree decorations even sweeter this year with this Glittery Cupcake DIY Ornament that is just as cute as a cupcake – literally. 

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Beautiful Rolled Paper Christmas Ornaments

Step up your Christmas tree decorations this year with these Beautiful Rolled Paper Christmas Ornaments! You are going to love this new way to use quilling paper.

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Felt Camera DIY Christmas Ornaments

This Felt Camera DIY Christmas Ornament is incredibly cute, perfect for anyone who loves cameras or capturing the moment, and makes for great homemade gift ideas.

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Melted Crayon Ornaments

Any house filled with children is bound to have a pile of broken crayons. Your kids will love this Melted Crayon Ornaments project this holiday season!

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DIY Angel Ornament

Give your Christmas tree a personal touch this year with this DIY Angel Ornament. Make this homemade Christmas ornament as an easy way to make your Christmas tree your own. 

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DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Even well into December, you can still create a magical Christmas atmosphere in your home. All you need are some simple ideas for homemade Christmas decorations, like the ones listed below. From wreaths to garlands to mini Christmas trees, and so much more, you're sure to find something you'll love in this collection of easy Christmas crafts to make at the last minute!

Here you'll find Christmas crafts of every type to help decorate your home. This collection includes beautiful garlands, DIY wreaths, tabletop trees, and so much more!

Fabulous Toilet Paper Rolls Wreath

If you're looking for simple homemade Christmas decorations to make this winter, the Fabulous Toilet Paper Rolls Wreath is deceptively simple to make. 

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Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

There's practically nothing out there that is more clever than these adorable Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees. Plus, they are so affordable, you could even say they're cheap to make! 

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Cute Coffee Filter Christmas Trees

Older kids and younger kids alike will love seeing how you can turn everyday kitchen supplies into pretty decor by making the Cute Coffee Filter Christmas Trees. 

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Decorative Flower Pot Snowman

This Decorative Flower Pot Snowman craft is a thrifty Christmas craft that is sure to bring a smile to you and your children's faces. 

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3D Photo Memory Trees

Put your favorite memories on display during the holidays with these cute 3D Photo Memory Trees! 

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Decorative Candy Paper Craft

Your dwelling will look as sweet as can be with this Decorative Candy Paper Craft turning the house into an unofficial candyland. 

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Burlap and Gingham Wreath

Add a little country charm to your home this Christmas with this easy tutorial for a beautiful Burlap and Gingham Wreath. 

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Elegant Christmas Tree Cones

You're bound to love these Elegant Christmas Tree Cones that are so stunning, they look like they belong in a magazine! 

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Simply Adorable Bottle Brush Trees

Give your home an old-timey feel this Christmas season with these Simply Adorable Bottle Brush Trees. 

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Stunning Coffee Filter Wreath

Homemade Christmas decorations don't have to be difficult or expensive! Impress your guests with this Stunning Coffee Filter Wreath this holiday season.

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Simple Pine Cone & Ornament DIY Garland

Showcase some of your favorite ornaments with this Simple Pine Cone & Ornament DIY Garland. 

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Jeweled Christmas Tree Art

Using Jeweled Christmas Tree Art is a great way to add some classy charm into your homemade Christmas decorations this year!

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Joyful DIY Christmas Decoration

If your style is a bit more eclectic than traditional, then you’ll love this unique Joyful DIY Christmas Decoration.

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Joy to the Dollar Store Xmas Decor

You'd never guess by looking at this Joy to the Dollar Store Xmas Decor, but they were made for next to no money. 

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Simple Mason Jar Snow Globe

Try making your own snow globes this season with this Simple Mason Jar Snow Globe project instead of going out to the store and purchasing one.

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Felt Leaf Christmas Wreath

This stunningly beautiful Felt Leaf Christmas Wreath is easy to make and super inexpensive, how could you not love Christmas door decorations like this already? 

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Mini House Wreath Tutorial

With a free downloadable template for the little house, this Mini House Wreath Tutorial is the best thing you'll make this year.

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Reindeer Games Rustic Christmas Sign

Looking for a creative way to harken back to your childhood memories? This Reindeer Games Rustic Christmas Sign will be just the ticket!

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Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

You may feel like you have seen every Christmas craft, but this beautiful Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft will blow the rest out of the water. 

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Tinsel Letter Garland

Glitz and glam your Christmas decorations this year with this fabulous Tinsel Letter Garland! 

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Pretty Poinsettia Wreath

Challenge the power of the Christmas tree, balsam wreaths, and mistletoe with the deep crimson petals covering this Pretty Poinsettia Wreath. 

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DIY Angel Candle Holder

What is more heavenly than this DIY Angel Candle Holder? You will not believe how easy it is to recreate this adorable mason jar craft. 

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Yarn DIY Christmas Wreath

If your walls are looking a little plain, then spruce them up this holiday season by hanging a Yarn DIY Christmas Wreath. 

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Reindeer DIY Wooden Sign

This Reindeer DIY Wooden Sign is a unique and rustic way to add to your home this winter.

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Amish Village Simple Christmas Decorations

These fun Amish Village Simple Christmas Decorations will make you feel like you have your own little winter wonderland right inside your very home.

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Crepe Paper DIY Christmas Wreath

By the time you learn how to make this easy and fun Crepe Paper DIY Christmas Wreath, you will have a completely new skill set for the new year and beautiful DIY Christmas decor. 

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Santa Claus Craft Ideas

Quick! You still have time to make these easy Santa crafts before the jolly man comes down your chimney! Won't he be impressed when he sees these Claus-inspired Christmas crafts proudly displayed in your home? If you ask us, this is a great way to earn some brownie points with the fat man!

Here's a great selection of simple Santa craft ideas that you will be certain to love. These easy Santa crafts are even great to work on with the kids, so don't be shy and get the little ones involved!

DIY Santa Sack

This DIY Santa Sack will quickly become part of your family's holiday traditions as you reuse them each year and pass them back and forth each year.

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DIY Santa Holiday Wreath

Make this elegant DIY Santa Holiday Wreath using just a few materials you may already have in your craft collection. 

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Sparkly Santa Jar

Santa's suit has never looked better than it does in this Sparkly Santa Jar craft. If you have been looking for Santa crafts for kids to make over winter break, this is a great option for you to start with. 

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Big Santa Belly Ornament

Want more for less this Christmas? Try this Big Santa Belly Ornament, a clever and easy-to-make Christmas ornament that costs next to nothing to make! 

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Pom Pom Santa Ornament

This Pom Pom Santa Ornament could not get any easier! Make a traditional Scandinavian Christmas ornament with just a pom-pom, a bead, and a scrap of red felt. 

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Tattletale Santas

These Tattletale Santas are based on a Swedish tradition that helps keep children from misbehaving during the Christmas season. We think this is one of the most unique Santa craft ideas we've seen! 

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Stand Up 2 x 4 Santa

This Stand Up 2 x 4 Santa is a great homemade Christmas decoration because he's easy to make and you can prop him up anywhere in your house. 

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Festive Felt Santa Ornament

This Festive Felt Santa Ornament is an easy and fun felt tutorial for Christmas that is completely adorable!

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Santa's Stuck Place Setting

Find out how to make this humorous Santa's Stuck Place Setting for your party by following this step-by-step tutorial. 

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Jolly Santa Can

This Jolly Santa Can is such a clever way to reuse old materials, and we can think of so many great uses for it, too. 

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Country Santa Ornament

If you're a fan of classic and slightly rustic-looking homemade Christmas ornaments, you'll enjoy this tutorial for a Country Santa Ornament. 

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Kids Knit Santa Hat

This Kids Knit Santa Hat is going to get so many compliments, you'll be getting requests from friends and neighbors alike to make some for their kids too!

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Easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

Can't get enough of our easy-to-make Christmas crafts? There are plenty more festive ideas in this collection of Christmas crafts to make and sell, so don't miss out on these great bonus Christmas craft ideas! Remember, it's never too late to spread holiday cheer!

With these Christmas crafts to sell, you'll be able to bring the holiday season to life in a way you never thought possible. Grab your toilet paper rolls and mason jars, and get crafting!

Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Fill your home with the aroma of the holiday season with these Cinnamon Scented Pinecones. Your home will smell so sweet with minimal effort. 

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DIY Hot Chocolate Gift with Peppermint Spoons

This DIY Hot Chocolate Gift with Peppermint Spoons is an easy gift that’s perfect for almost anyone. 

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Hot Cocoa Sugar Scrub Recipe

This Hot Cocoa Sugar Scrub Recipe is a perfect gift for friends and neighbors alike. Not only does it smell great, but this homemade sugar scrub is also great for your skin. 

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Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gift

If you love Mason jar crafts this DIY gift idea will be a cinch. These gorgeous Hot Cocoa Mason jars are perfect presents for your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. 

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Pine Cone Elf

Make this cute Pine Cone Elf and sit him on your bookshelf or let him dangle his legs over the edge of an end table. 

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Homemade Snowman Hot Chocolate Jars

Make these Homemade Snowman Hot Chocolate Jars for some holiday cheer this season. Let it snow... marshmallows!

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DIY Snow Globe Tutorial

This beautiful DIY Snow Globe tutorial is easy to follow and a fun activity for children! DIY Snow Globe Mason jars are great Christmas gifts and decor. 

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Oh Christmas Tree Mason Jars

Looking for a cute snow globe to display in your home this Christmas season? Try making your own with some help from the Oh Christmas Tree Mason Jars project. 

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Holiday Owl Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

It will be hard for your friends and neighbors to resist this Holiday Owl Rice Krispie Treats Recipe.

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Cute Snowman Homemade Ornaments

There's nothing on the planet more adorable than these little Cute Snowman Homemade Ornaments that will add pops of color all over the tree. 

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Clothespin Christmas Angels

Using clothespins and paper raffia, you can bring these sweet Clothespin Christmas Angels to life. What a heavenly sight!

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Nativity Story Paperclip Angels

Whether or not you have an angel adorning the top of your Christmas tree, you definitely need to add these Nativity Story Paperclip Angels as well. 

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Quick and Easy Homemade Snow Globes

You won't believe how simple it is to make these Quick and Easy Homemade Snow Globes that your little ones will love!

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Stylish Vintage Map Christmas Origami Star

This Stylish Vintage Map Christmas Origami Star is an interesting way to bring a touch of the past into your holiday decorations.

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Upcycled Vintage Shuttlecock DIY Angel Wings

If you have old badminton shuttlecocks turn them into  Upcycled Vintage Shuttlecock DIY Angel Wings.

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Tall Tree Pillow Tutorial

If you are looking for homemade gift ideas, learn how to sew a pillow with this Tall Tree Pillow Tutorial. This festive pillow just screams cozy and casual!

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Christmas Glass Jar Luminaries

Illuminate your winter nights with these festive Christmas Glass Jar Luminaries that will bring bright cheer to your home this holiday season.

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Metallic-Dipped Christmas DIY Vase

It's hard to resist wanting to make this Metallic-Dipped Christmas DIY Vase - especially since it's so budget-friendly.

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What a great book. It's not too early to get some Christmas presents put aside. I like a few things in this book and they will make wonderful presents to add to my Christmas box in the closet. Then when the holidays come, I will be ready. Thank you for offering it.

Great ideas for the holiday season. I am so happy that I found this page, it's given me so many DIY ideas for Christmas!

This page is such a lifesaver! Every year I panic about Christmas, but this year I've got it in the bag. I'm going to make gifts in a jar for my neighbors and the monogram mug set for my parents. Thank you so much!


HELP: For some unknown reason, directions do not show up. Also, lost the pic of making a fast/easy flower headband in here somewhere, that too would not show me directions! I'm signed in, so that's not the reason. I also noticed here that someone else is having the same problem......do the people of this site ever read the 'comments' and try to help customers.........???

@jesuslovesjeano - Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I'll need a little more information before I can help. Is there a specific project you could not get the directions for? Also, there is no fast/easy flower headband on this page. Could you give us a bit more information about where you saw the headband? I hope we can help! -- Editor of AllFreeHolidayCrafts

My favorite cratfs are quick and easy. Ornaments are easy, esp ones that we put pics on then decoupage. pet ones are fun

the best craft I ever made was when my children were small and we all worked on gingerbread houses as gifts for people

I love the fact that the crafts are so easy to make and the material for them is readily availabe. The best craft I ever made was a gingerbread house (my first) when my kids were litte. This was about 28 years ago. I found the recipe in a family circle magazine, so i bought all the ingredients and decorations. I made the gingerbread from scratch because the recipe was in the magazine and I made the templates out of cardstock, baked them and used carmelized sugar as glue. It was a little lopsided, but I was so proud of that gingerbread house. Since then, my technique has gotten much better and now I make the gingerbread houses for my grandkids, but nothing beats that very first gingerbread house for the sheer pleasure of seeing my children's faces when they realized they could eat it!

I like making candy canes out of beads and safety pins, for my family to wear on my family's shirts for Christmas

what are the directions for them

The favorite thing I ever made for Christmas gifts was scarfs, was a great stash buster and chance to practice new stiches!

The favourite thing I made for Christmas was a mobile with some of my crocheted snowflakes -- this year I've been busy making decorations from toilet tissue rolls -- having a ball with all the glitter!

My favorite Christmas decoration I've made is a snowman with a top hat and a bright shiny smile!

I knit Teddy Bears for my neicecs for Christmas.

A santa made from a toilet tissue tube using red felt wrapped around for the suit and bits of red for buckles and a nice long hat of red with white felt trim

I made beaded stars for decorating and gave some to my sisters as gifts.

My favorite thing that I've made for Christmas was a photo album for my dad. My sister and I didn't know our father growing up. So several years ago I made a photo album with pictures of my sister and I throughout our childhood and gave it to our dad for Christmas.

The holiday gifts I made that gave me the biggest kick were the items I made a year ago A local mitzvah project was providing warm hats scarves gloves etc for school children in one of the poorest cities in our nation I saw the collection box start to fill with adorable items for girls- items in bright colors items with cute trims some very generously donated by people who selected the things from lovely area stores What caught my eye was the absence of warm things for the boys I've made things for my son and recently my teen grandson and they have taught me well how to make things in colors and textures that guys will actually wear The first batch of things I made used up the lovely yarn leftover from the last things I made for my teen grandson It was so much fun creating clever attractiveRead More items that I kept visiting the yarn stores and making things in black greys browns dark blues until the project ended Even better was that friends who saw me crocheting in public asked what I was doing and some of them contributed guy items too By the end of the project I'm happy to report that the collection boxes were filled guy and gal items

my favorite thing to make is each Christmas I make an ornament for each of my grandchildren each year it is something new this year it was bells and santas

the most favorite thing I've made are crocheted snowflakes--there are so many patterns and they are quick and easy.

the favorite thing I've ever made for Christmas was when I crocheted mini stockings to put gift cards in.

My favorite thing I've ever made for Christmas is a Christmas Scrapbook album of all Christmas pictures together as a family. I love to have it out on the coffee table when family come over to visit for the holidays so they can look thru it.

When my children were little, I purchased different size styrofoam balls, rickrack, pins w/colored heads, all kinds of small decorations and we made all new ornaments for our Christmas tree. We hung them with large plastic candy canes. It was such a beautiful tree - the favorite of all of us - w/all homemade ornaments and, of course, colored lights. After decades, I still hang them even tho I'm an empty nester.

I love anything that I make with my children (9 & 7). They love to craft, and we have fun together... My favorite thing I've made myself is what I'm making this year - a baby blanket for my new nephew, born 5 days ago :-)

My favorite thing I made was an owl iPad cover for my roommate this year. I was so excited about it that I gave it to her yesterday.

I made little toy crocheted bears & purses for Christmas. The kids loved them.

I like to make pajamas for the grandkids every year.

I made a set of Christmas place settings for my mom, sister and grandmother--and I am now using my mother's set!!

Made a macremae christmas tree many years ago and hang it every year

My favorite thing I made for Christmas was a Christmas table runner

My favorite thing I have made for Christmas is Counted Cross stitch Stockings for my family

I love all of the unique ideas. It inspires me to be more creative.

One of my favorite things I made was a large wall hanging of a winter scene with horses at a stream. I edged it with cording and added some matching trim, then I also added a little glittering snow in just the right places. To finish it off, it is hung up on a real tree branch, so it ties it all together.

My favorite was the year I made delicate snowflakes with doily thread and a very small needle. They had to be starched and pinned to a board to dry. Everyone loved them. I was so happy

the favourite Christmas thing that I have made was a Christmas Quilt. For 5 years the quilt hang there that was until I decided that it was too nice to take down and now it hangs there all year. Most people that come through my front door tell me it is not Christmas. But that dosen't matter to me

Snow Mamas as earrings is my favorite Christmas craft...but there are so many other things that were fun to make.

My favorite Christmas craft I made was a countdown to Christmas calendar. I made 12 of them one year as gifts to all the family members. Each year I get wonderful reviews from the family and kids about them. This just warms my heart with the sure pleasure of knowing that these are being passed on down to the next generation.

My favorite craft item that I made for Christmas is a hard one. I think it is a tie between the year i crocheted everyone in the family slippers and the year I made Christmas (red & green) doilies and coasters that the family still brings out every year.

I would have to say that my favorite craft iem that I made for Christmas were a set of 8 ornaments that were all made with cinnamon sticks. There were a reindeer, "stacked firewood" a lace potpouri sachet, and several other items. I made them in the 1980's and I still use them to decorate my Christmas tree!

When my daughter was 9 I hurried to finish a brown cardigan for her for Christmas. It was very late at night when I finished sewing on the buttons. I tucked it into my sewing bag planning to wrap it after work the next day. After work I picked her up from school and as we entered the house she screamed that Duke our young Dalmatian had gotten into my yarn! That's just what half of it looked like- a wad of yarn! Never did find all the buttons...

My favorite are the ornaments that I make each year to give to friends and family. Each year it is a different style and have been doing this for over 15 years now.

I think this is a unique gift craft item.

One year I made a lapghan for everyone in my family. This year it's scarves. I love to crochet year 'round.

My favorite christmas ornaments I've made were hand prints of my children at a very young age. I made them out of cinnamon and glue. It's geat to take them out every year and remember my children at that age. My son and daughter are all grown up now.

My favorite Christmas ornaments I made as a teenager- a boy and girl clothespin angels. I still put them on my tree 30 yrs later!

There is such a wide variety that everyone in the family can participate regardless of their area of talent and who the gift is for. I really think the reindeer cones would be cute hanging with the children's stockings. Great ideas.

I like making glittered inside the glass ornament bulbs no mess and very rich looking!

My favorite was an crocheted afghan I made for my mom last Christmas in her favorite shades of blue.

I knit a bunch of small decorations - stars and mini santas and stockings and mittens. They are so cute -the smaller the better.

My favorite was the crocheted afghan for my 8-year-old grandson because that is what he asked for. He is now 26 and still has it.

These are very cool ideas for fast easy gifts. Thanks.

I made a cranberry wreath from real fresh cranberries. It turned out great. I love the prize too and would be nice to win something.

I made a cranberry wreath made of real fresh cranberries which turned out beautiful. It took a long time but it was worth it.

The favorite thing I ever made for Christmas was in 2010 when I made quilted purses and bags for all the ladies in my family. Each one was different tailored to the recepients likes. It was a hit all around.

One year I went through my husbands boxes of baseball cards that he had collected since he was a child and I organized them all by teams and put them into albums. Gifts where you take the time to transform something meaningful to someone into something cherished are my favorite type of gifts to give.

The favorite craft I made this Christmas was a snow globe :)

Years ago I crocheted slippers for Christmas for EVERYONE....they were so well liked that I had to make new ones for everyone every year after that!!! (about 4 years worth!!) Hmmmm....maybe I should do them again.......

My favorite crafts to do every year are anything with my kids hand/foot prints! It is a cherished keepsake and I love looking at how much they have grown over a years time. They all go on our Christmas tree every year.

Love the ideas. Looks like easy enough for kids.

My favorite holiday project was the beaded pink tulle wreath I made last year. It was so fun and out of the ordinary.

My favorite thing i've ever made was this year I learned to crochet and made a bunch of snowflakes and stars for my Christmas tree.

My favorite Christmas project was the year I made a quilt for each of my two granddaughters and one for my step-granddaughter. I had just learned that year how to quilt. That was about 9 years ago and they are still using and loving the gifts grandma made them that year. I am now teaching two of them to quilt and sew, and the time we spend together is something I cherish.

The best thing I made for Christmas was actually this year. I made crocheted beanies, headbands and scarves sets for terminally ill/traumatized children in St. Louis, MO hospitals and for a local school to give to needy children. I was diagnosed with leukemia in June of this year and started a grueling chemotherapy regimen 7 days a week in July. I have a charity I began in 1999 for terminally ill children and make and donate crocheted and quilted blankets. I have personally made 1,008 and my group just donated our 5,000th blanket. The peace this brought to me is so gratifying knowing that these children will be kept warm this winter. God Bless

Mine would have to be making christmas tree center pieces with the children at church, we made the trees with donated paperback books and also snowmen with quilt batting and ribbon for scarfs. had them set on pieces of cardboard with batting as snow and small wrapped boxes. They turned out really well.

Absolutely LOVE the Shabby Chic wreath! Made one of these years ago, and am in need of a new one... I still have 9 days!!!!

My favorite Christmas project was actually this year. I made crocheted beanies, headbands and scarves sets for terminally ill/traumatized children in St. Louis, MO hospitals and for a local school to give to needy children. I loved making them pretty sets, used brightly colored, cheerful yarns and silk flowers and felt peaceful knowing that many children would be kept warm throughout the winter

My favorite thing I have made with my children for Christmas was the Allspice and Cinnamon scented hand print ornaments. The ornaments smelled wonderful and made the house smell delicious.

When I was little we used to make plastic canvas stockings for all our friends and family. My mom taught us to do the stockings and we would help her sew the plastic canvas. It was a ton of fun!

I made a crochet skirt that goes around the Christmas tree. We made a Christmas tree shape out of construction paper to have up and put all the Christmas cards we received.

This year instead of crocheting afghans, scarves and potholders.. I am making sock monkeys. They are fun to make and watch their personalities emerge as I finish them.

i have been making homemade ornaments with my daughter....i love making stuff all year!!!

When My kids were little we did tissue paper wreaths(paper twisted on the eraser end of a pencil) with their picture in the middle...It was sooo much fun seeing how they decorated them with all the little beads and glitter...I miss that....

My favorite thing this year was no sew fleece blankets! Made a bunch!!

Hands down, favorite craft to do during the holidays is paper snowflakes!!! Just cut and cut and cut to reveal a pretty snowflake design. Any age can do it, and there's no mistakes ;)

My favorite was a rudolph chocolate covered candy cane

I love making ornaments and soap using cookie cutters

My favorite thing was making my grandkids fleece jackets.

You ask what my favorite thing I made for Christmas. It was in school a placemat/ center piece. made of a piece of like burlap with fringed edge. We cut out a design of folded paper, laded it on the cloth 3 or so times and colored through it. thin Ironed over the color to set it in the cloth.

I knitted tiny sweaters as ornaments this year. i made 3 and they turned out so cute!! Going to have to make one for myself one of these days.

my favorite thing was a care bear for my youngest daughter. her letter to santa was in the local newspaper 3 days before christmas,the toy store was sold out so i made one [she was 6] it was her favorite toy, she still has it [ shes 35 ] her children love it too

I love to make a new and different wreath each year!

one year we made hand-painted sweatshirts for all of our family members with a Looney Tunes character that we thought suited them - they were a huge hit!

my favorite thing to make will always be hand decorated cookies. Fun to receive, fun to eat. A gift everyone looks forward to receiving

my favorte was pineapple table cloth I made my mom for Christmas

A classic Christmas afghan with Red, Green, and silver yarn . Did the granny squares in each color during the summer months then stitched together in the fall.

For me my full sized crocheted stockings. I've been making these stockings for over 25 years and never get tired of it. I've given away free, donated to causes and sold. They are the best.

For me it was mini stockings, just learned how to crochet them. First wasn't to good but second came out great.

My favorite, I just learned to crochet mini stockings. First one not right but second one looks great.

My favorite was doll clothes for my baby sister one year - there were close to 2 dozen outfits, my other sister & I would play with them while I was making them

My favorite is plastic canvas snowflakes!

My favorite was the year I made everyone crocheted scarves

my favorite to make was a huge group of crochetred snowflakes...the most wow from the kids? afghans i made (22) while I was flat on my back before surgery and after!

My favorite handmade gift was a ornament of a snowman sitting on a "snowball"...I make a different one each year for my kids...they will treasure them always!

I made some real cute owls and some coffee cut sleves

I'm trying fingerless gloves....

My favorite thing I ever made for Christmas was Apple Butter for gifts to my family. They all loved it.

I make handmade gifts every year so picking a favorite is difficult but I think one of my favorites actually wasn't a gift but the wrapping of a gift. Many years ago I ranout of wrapping paper for the christmas gifts so I had to get inventive. I had lots of tissue paper on hand and I had a unique collection of rubber stamps so I got creative and wrapped gifts using layers of tissue paper and stamped images in torn out spaces or litte openings. My daughter was so thrilled with the wrapping she almost didn't want to open her gifts. I had lots of fun wrapping gifts that year and even more joy and delight watching everyone check out their gifts before opening them.

My favorite thing i've made for Christmas is each year i make a tree ornament for each of my children's families.

I'm doing blankets this year.

My favorite thing I am making for Christmas is lap quilts for everyone!!

My favorite things I crocheted for Christmas this year were the vintage bonnets for my baby granddaughters and caps for my baby grandsons - I have 4 grandchildren 4 years of age and under! As young as they are, they me a skype camera and called me on skype to thank me in their own little baby ways! They live so far away.

My favorite thing this year was these tiny pasta angels found on fave crafts for the tree...

My favorite thing this Christmas season is using www.allholidaycrafts.com which has inspired me to make EVERY gift this year from all of your free patterns. I am a newly disabled RN and was suffering from depression when I found your website. The wonderful patterns and ideas woke me up and now I am happily knitting, crocheting and crafting as never before and don't feel depressed or sad at all. In fact I am proud of myself again! Thanks to all who have made this possible for me. God Bless you all!

When i was a young boy i made a Bird and poinsettia that my aunt and mom still put on the tree every yr :)

My favorite thing was making Christmas Ornaments for the tree. I knitted some and used yarn on plastic molds I made. I'm still using them to this day.

My favorite thing I've ever made would be this year's crafts. I've made quite a few homemade gifts - from knitted dish cloths and mixed media canvas to jewelery.

My favorite thing I've made was a stained glass angel for my in-laws.

My favorite thing I made for Christmas was the year that I joined several friends and made hats and scarfs for homeless teenagers in the Vancouver/Portland area. Knowing they would have something warm for Christmas filled me with joy.

I love the bottles made up to look like reindeer, they are so cute

My favorite thing I made for Christmas a hat I knit for my son.

The best thing I ever made for Christmas was a wreath I made with my nephew. I cut the centre out of a paper plate, had him place his wee hand on green construction paper, while I traced around it and then cut it out. We did the trace/cut out thing about 2 dozen times. Then we glued the green hand shapes around the outer circle of the paper plate, punched holes in the top and threaded through a red ribbon for hanging. I still have that wreath, although my nephew now stands 6'2".

The favorite thing I can remember making is a wreath for the front door that I made with my mom.

My all time favs have been the beaded ornaments that still hang on my tree. They make me happy everytime I look at them.

My favorite thing I made for Christmas; was a Beautiful Blanket for My Daddy,He had 3 different types of cancer and mulitple heart attacks. He was in and out of the hospital and couldn't keep warm no matter where he was. So I crocheted him a big granny square Blanket. When He opened it, there were tears in his eyes. He never let ANYONE else use it or touch it. When he passed 2 years ago; He made sure it came back to me. I now have it, and I cherish every moment of being wrapped up in it.

I make a lots of things for Christmas every year. But the most cherrished is a felted w/beads & sequins. It is all handsewed. I made it over 25 yrs ago. It has snowpeople, trees, bluebirds on it. It was suppose to be a tree skirt but it has its own special table & santa house sits in the middle.

My favorite thing that I have ever made would be the 2 giant scrapbooks that I have made as my husbands Christmas present this year. We recently got a box of all of his daughters pictures back and I took them and put them into scrapbooks for him.

My favorite made-by-me Christmas gift were seed bead candy cane ornaments I made in all different color combos, tho the red white and gold were the best.

My favorite thing(s) I made for Christmas was 13 fleece blankets...one for each member of my immediate family. That was several years ago and everyone still comments on how much they love them.

The most favorite thing I ever made for Christmas was an artificial evergreen wreath I made for my mom, decorated with wonderful gilt-edged poinsettia flowers and bells. She LOVED it. :-)

Love all these ideas. My favorite thing I ever made for Christmas was....a baby blanket for my nieces' new baby born Dec 22.

These are very cute ideas. Hopefully I will have time to do the wreath. Right now I am working on a memory quilt with some of my daughters favorite clothes. I better get back to it : )

These are adorable. This christmas I made my husband an afghan to keep his legs warm.

Love the idea! the best thing I made for Christmas, I believe it was the recipie books I put together for my children. I included my ideas and the recipies from many family members.

These are so cute. I made broomstick reindeer one year and everyone just loved them. They were super easy and very inexpensive to make.

I think the root beer bottle reindeer would be so cute to hand out at a part with the rootbeer/beer still in them! :o)

The most appreciated item I have ever made for Christmas was a pair of fingerless mittens for my husband. He works outside year around & he really liked the way he could wear gloves & still be able to use his fingers. Apparently somebody else felt the same way because they got stolen!

This year the best thing I made was Glass Christmas Ornaments covered with Polymer Clay Dog Paws for the Canine Pet Lovers in our family and for friends. Each to be hung as a treasure on their Christmas tree.

I think the best thing I made for Christmas is what I made this year for a friend - I mod podged photos she's taken on her various trips abroad onto cork and made coasters for her, then used hoop earrings and beads to make wine charms.

The best thing I ever made for Christmas was actually when I was still in grade school, for art class. I can't recall what it was actually called, but it was kind of like paper mache. Instead of using paper, we used sewing thread and a small balloon. After the threads all dried, we popped the balloon and pulled the pieces of balloon out. This left us with a very unique rounded ornament that we attached a ornament hanger too. Its the absolute best thing I can ever recall making. I just wish I could find the instructions on how to do it again, lol.

The best thing I ever made for Christmas was probably the stuffed dogs I made last year for my girls ... they turned out so cute and my girls loved them!

My daughters and sister and I made "ginger bread" houses out of graham crackers and candy.Then we ate them all up.


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