40+ Homemade Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


40+ Homemade Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts? This collection of homemade Valentine gifts has something for everyone!


Love is in the air! Can you feel it?  We hope so, because we sure can! As we get closer and closer to February 14th, we figured it's time to share some great homemade Valentine's Day gifts with you. Whether you're planning a romantic evening with your sweetie or a girls' night out with your best friends, handmade gifts are the way to go when it comes to Valentine's Day. Spread the love this February with a personal gift that will mean a lot to your loved ones no matter what it is. It really is the thought that counts on Valentine's Day, and with these easy holiday crafts, you are going to sweep your sweetie off their feet.

Get started with this awesome video on how to make DIY Spa Day Gifts in a Jar from our friends at FaveCrafts!

Homemade Valentine Gifts for Him

I Love You Snow Globe

It's a pretty well-known fact that men are hard to shop for, so making homemade Valentine's Day gifts for guys may be the best way to go this year.  Whether he's an old-fashioned romantic, a lover of sweets, or a big fan of his favorite team, the gift ideas for guys below are sure to win the way to his heart.

Treat your loved one to any of these easy homemade presents when Valentine's Day rolls around. You'll find ideas for making homemade cookies, "love coupons," magnets, and more. Your man will cherish these homemade gift ideas for years to come!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Heart Shaped Tea Bag Tutorial

For any of the special women in your life, there are a plethora of great homemade Valentine gifts you can make. We've compiled a few of our favorites below, but no matter what you choose you can't go wrong because handmade gifts are always winners since they come from the heart!

Homemade gifts are surely the way to go this Valentine's Day! You will be certain to show your lady how much she means to you with one of these DIY gifts!

Valentines Gifts for Friends

DIY Valentine's Day Penguin Notebooks

Valentine's Day isn't just about romance; it's also about showing your friends that you care. Don't forget the people who make your life special and make one of these homemade gift ideas for Valentine's Day for your favorite friends!

Cute gifts for friends are an easy way to show your friends just how much you treasure them this Valentine's Day. With a cute presentation, like an embroidered gift bag for a bottle of wine, you'll be proud to hand out your Valentine's gifts.

Valentine Gifts for Husband

"I Love You Because..." DIY Dry Erase Board

Want to send a romantic message to your hubby this year?  We have the perfect homemade gift ideas for Valentine's Day that'll make your husband swoon!  When you make one of the Valentine's Day gifts below, your sweetheart will be sure to know just how much you love him.

Send some love to the man you fell in love with by giving him of the DIY Valentine's Day gifts below. Handmade gifts come from the heart, and these are sure to be adored.

What's your best Valentine's Day gift idea (or the best gift you've ever been given)? Tell us below!

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Thank you everyone for commenting! Our winner was "Knittingdancer on Ravelry" who said, "The best Valentine's gift that I ever received was every year my dad would have a single red rose delivered to me at work." Thanks again and we hope everyone will come back for our next comment contest!

The best gift I ever receiwas an anniversary ribg.

a diamond ring

My best Valentine's Day gift was rose shaped chocolates. They looked like flowers but were candy.

The best gift I've given was a camera shoulder support for my husband that loves photography

My best gift was a pearl necklace

A homemade dinner.

Spending time with family and my two grandsons. Sweeter then candy.

My mother's birthday was on Valentine's Day that made the day extra special. She passed away 10 years ago on Palm Sunday and I miss her so much. Every year I try to make a floral arrangement for my parents' tombstone. I am in poor health so some years I haven't been able to do that. However, I do keep an arrangement on their stone. I try to honor both of my parents in that way. By far, she was my greatest Valentine's Day gift always will be!

anything home baked

Our son! I always said he was my best ever gift, born on Feb. 6. And mys husband always said our son was the best gift I had ever given him!

The best Valentine's Day gift I ever received was a stuffed elephant. The best I ever gave was hand-painted canvases of his favorite video game characters. I am, hands-down, the better gift giver in my relationship.

The best Valentine Gift I ever got was 12 rose bushes from my husband. He never forgets Valentines Day. Even after 28 years of marriage.

A Surprise dinner at home ALONE with no one but us.

Quiet time snuggling on the couch and watching a comedy together

We started a wedding basket when we got married, so that each year on Valentine's Day we could add a memento that represents us in that year.

A home cooked meal is my favorite gift.

I love the idea of a home cooked meal and a movie!

My favorite gift was a giant stuffed white ape with a box of chocolates and a pendant with two joined hearts. This was from my terrific husband.

My best Valentine's Day gift was in 1999, when my mother came home from the hospital, well again, after a scary episode with blood chemical imbalances and low white cell count.

My favorite Valentine's gift was the tennis bracelet that my husband bought me.

My sweetheart give me a heart ring!!!!!!!

On Valentines day gave my partner a small hippos, that say I Love You kiss and a Valentines card.

Spending time with loved ones is my favourite gift!

for an idea. I would love to go for a hike in the snow. Then end up at a cabin with a wood fireplace and cuddle with my hunny.Have a wonderful supper with chocolate orb dessert and spend the evening just being with eachother and forget the rest of the world for a while.

My best gift is my daughter (of course, she wasn't delivered until the following November...)

Being Single Valentine's Day is not a very special day as a Single person usually doesn't have that special person to send a bouquet of flowers to you or take you out to a super special restaurant for dinner but what is important is to be a blessing to someone else My idea of and awesome Valentine's Day gift is to go and pick up maybe a bouquet of flowers some kind of special treat such as a word find or crossword puzzle book then go to the nearest nursing home or assisted living and ask for a person who does not receive any visitors and surprise them with your special purchases To see a smile come across someone's face who has not had a visitor let alone any kind of special treats makes the whole day worthwhile Even take the gift to a shut in neighbor or lonely friend orRead More just a stranger This is my idea for my best Valentine's Day gift idea

I would like to have an intimate dinner with my husband at home, with candles, and a cheesecake slice to share.

The best gift I got was coming home to a clean house and taken on a weekend getaway

The best gift is enjoyable time with someone you love. And chocolate.

On our 10th Valentines Day, my husband got me a 6ft bear and made my favorite meal after he got the recipe from my mother

Best I ever got was diamond earrings

The best Valentine gift I ever got was an engagement ring and proposal.

The best Valentines Day gift I received was my wedding ring. That was 35 years ago this year. Still in love with one of the best men I've ever known.

The best Valentine's gift that I ever received was every year my dad would have a single red rose delivered to me at work.

The best Valentine's gift I ever received was a babysitter that allowed me to have an overnight date with my hubby. This isn't as easy as it sounds with three kids close in age with the middle child having a high functioning form of autism

Best gift..was surprise dinner my Husband made in woodstove..steak shrimp...plus the sides too..was AWESOME! I always make him the Kiddos'..and now some Grankiddo's!..Homemade Valentine's... Heart cookie's of something. Thanks for all the great gift ideas here too..super ideas! for chance to win a surprise too! )

I make handmade valentine cards. Different for each person!

A homemade gift is so special. I love the ideas posted here ) So much fun!!

my 3 year old drew a family portrait that was just adorable, its still on our fridge!

The love of my life had to work in Florida one year sent a package a box with a rose on it really nice inside was a hand written with the words missing your smile sorry can't sent a photo it was taking after he passed away always remember that gift together 19years it was death to we part miss him every Valentines Day wishing he were with me Forever your wife

Apple pie yum. Every year since high school my husband has gotten me long stemmed yellow roses, he is the best ever valentines gift.

The best Valentine's gift I received was half a heart shaped peanut butter cup. I made a whole one for my husband and he cut it in half and said he'd keep the other half of our heart..

Years ago I crocheted a filet heart blanket in burgundy with red satin ribbons laced between the squares for my husband. Twenty years later it is a seasonal tribute to our love, which marked 40 years Sun., Jan 24

The best Valentine's Day gift I ever received was a dozen long-stemmed roses from the love of my life, with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a little teddy bear holding a red heart. That may not sound original, but we'd found each other in middle age, and it was the first Valentine's Day I ever really celebrated. I was thrilled.

I made a red white Heart designed quilt for my mother.

I made heart shaped gummies from jello and plain gelatin.

I melted fresh chocolate and dipped long stem strawberries, then hardened the chocolate. The I wrote an original poem for my Valentine.

i received a hand made card from my husband, beautiful artwork and poem.

I love warm knit booties to keep my feet warm

Honestly, the best Valentine's gift I've ever received was from my children who dipped their hands in paint and placed them together to form a heart on the front of a cloth bag and called MommaJo's "Handbag". I absolutely loved it and still have it in their keepsake box. That was 20 yrs ago. The best gift I've given would be to my ex when I took a surprise picnic lunch to him at work. Unfortunately, he'd called in sick that day I found him at his mistress' house. Not the fairytale ending I'd hoped for, to say the least. I'm still hoping for the ultimate gift...maybe winning this contest will change my mind about this particular holiday. It's not just for lovers, ya know.

My favorite Valentines gift was a massage certificate. The best gift i've given was a heart shaped monster cookie. I made it in a huge heart cake pan wrote I love you on it-he loved it!!

How ironic! A giveaway! I never win anything, but for Valentines a few years ago, I decided to enter a radio drawing. Wouldn't you know it, I won! My prize was a gift bag full of candy and various romantic notions such as massage oils, rose petals, candles, red net pantyhoses, etc. Best Valentines present I have ever received!

I think the greatest Valentine's Day gift I had ever received was a homemade card from my husband kids with "coupons" from the kids for things I could ask from them (ie. "Coupon good for one back massage" "Coupon good for one night of doing dishes without any argument")

I'm a sucker for classics. Flowers and chocolates are my favorite Valentine's Day gifts--hands down!

The best thing I've ever been given was a mini character (okay, it was Gir from Invader Zim) coin purse. It totally distracted me from the actual gift-- the necklace inside. Though, I would love to get flowers. I've never gotten any of those before.

I love flowers on Valentine's Day, and I usually just give sweet little homemade gifts or cards. Once the holidays are over, you're just too exhausted to plan (and pay) for an elaborate gift!

Last Valentine's, I made my boyfriend one of those card deck books where you write 52 Things I Love About You. He loved it so much he still has it and keeps it by his computer. He was so touched.

It's very old-school, but honestly you can't beat a nice dinner out - especially since it gives me an excuse to get dressed up. ;)

I like to give my daughters some fun little treats like candies or stuffed animals. The best gift to receive (aside from jewelry of course) are chocolate covered strawberries :)

I'm not really into Valentine's day myself, but friends of mine and myself have given each other mix CDs or made playlists on Spotify to share with each other in the past. Nice little treat for the music lovers in your life and you don't have to spend a dime!

I like to bake something ridiculously chocolatey for my loved ones on Valentine's Day. This year I'm thinking flourless chocolate cake or some kind of amazing brownie...

I don't usually give gifts for Valentine's Day (aside from store-bought cards), but I have my eye on a few of these. My best idea up until now has been to make festive criss-cross cookies!

Once a friend got me a book that she'd just bought a copy of so we could read it together. I loved that idea and it was lots of fun to read the book at the same time.

My father once made my mom's favorite dessert, creme brulee, from scratch. He even bought the the special torch!

A handmade card and chocolates! They're both very sweet.

Flowers! I can't get enough of them... even if they are short-lived :)

I prefer gifts where we can do something together, like going out to dinner or to a show. Since events are hard to wrap, I like to make handmade cards or printables to present what the event is. It really adds something special.

My favorite Valentine's gift was a homemade dinner with all of my favorite foods!

The best gift I've ever received for Valentine's Day was a handmade storybook full of drawings and memories.

I got an iPad for Valentine's Day one year. It wasn't the most sentimental gift I've received, but I was a happy camper!

The best Valentine's Day gift I've received was actually from my best friend! She put together a little spa care package in a Mason jar with nail polish, a face mask, and little things like that. It's good to celebrate all kinds of love on Valentine's Day, not just the romantic kind!

These ideas are great! I never know what to get my boyfriend, so i'm so glad I found this list!

Wow! I love these so much. That heart pie looks AMAZING.

Thanks for the above wonderful ideas. Perfect presents indeed! Valentine's Day is fast approaching, when good sons, friends, boyfriends and spouses everywhere will be purchasing the women in their lives presents to celebrate the event.


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