How to a Host a Fizzlin' DIY Bath Bomb Party


How to a Host a Fizzlin' DIY Bath Bomb Party

Host a trendy craft party with fizzy DIY bath bombs that will dazzle and pamper your guests!

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How to a Host a Fizzlin DIY Bath Bomb Party

Organizing a craft party can be a little daunting with all the supplies and finding the right activity for every guest to enjoy. With bath bombs being super trendy, it's only a matter of time before your friends are begging you to host a homemade bath bomb party.

Find out How to Host a Fizzlin' DIY Bath Bomb Party from finding the perfect recipe to putting together your bath bomb kits!

With everyone wanting to customize their bath product, you'll see that hosting a craft party will take some planning and organizing beforehand. Follow this guide and you'll host the perfect party with a sweet surprise your guests will love to take home in the end. 

Choosing the Right Bath Bomb Recipe

While bath bombs may come in all different shapes and colors, the base ingredients of every recipe are relatively similar. The combination of a base and acid provide the fizz, while powdered ingredients give the bath bomb its shape. Finally, a binding agent holds all the ingredients together! Basically, all bath bombs share 3 primary ingredients while essential oils, colors, aromatics, and other additives make each bath bomb unique with different benefits. But, how do you know what bath bomb to choose for your party?

  1. Choose a beginner recipe. Your guests might be crazy for bath bombs, but they probably don't have experience making homemade bath bombs. By choosing a beginner recipe you can ensure that your guests won't have a difficult time putting together their bath bomb, and it will also make it much easier for you to instruct your guests on how to put one together. Read up on safety and how to tell a good bath bomb from a not-so-good one so you always choose the best option.
  2. Know your guests. It's crucial to understand all the ingredients that are going into your bath bomb recipe. If you choose a beginner recipe, it shouldn't have too many ingredients. Know your guests and whether or not they have allergies associated with the ingredients in a particular recipe. If there's a possibility and you're unsure, just ask! If one of your guests happens to not react well to one of the core ingredients, decide upon another DIY bath product she can make such as a sugar scrub or soap recipe!
  3. Keep it natural. Look for recipes with simple, natural ingredients like mineral-based glitter and food-grade coloring to avoid any unexpected reactions. You can purchase all your ingredients online from a trusted resource such as From Nature With Love.
  4. Test it out. Try out your chosen recipe beforehand and have a few back-up recipes you can use if your favorite one doesn't pan out. Test out your recipe to avoid disappointing your guests at the actual party if the bath bomb recipe doesn't work.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the recipe. Once you find a recipe that works, familiarize yourself with it and any questions that may come up while you're instructing your guests. Know how bath bombs work and the solution to common problems that may occur when making a bath bomb at home. Take a look at these common bath bomb questions and answers from Soap Queen to prepare!

Bath Bomb Recipe Ideas

Finding the right bath bomb recipe for your party shouldn't be too hard with all the ones available these days. Check out these quick and easy bath bomb recipes that are sure to impress your guests and get them excited for some bath bomb gifts to enjoy at home. They'll be dying to know where you got these recipes!

  1. DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs - This light and refreshing bath bomb is a must for holiday parties or as an easy year-round energizing bath bomb that will lift everyone's spirits!
  2. DIY Rose Petal Bath Bombs - Infused with lovely essential oils and real rose petals, this bath bomb recipe is a gift for the skin. Relax and unwind with a fresh rose petal bath bomb for you and your guests.
  3. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Bath Bomb Recipe - You can't deny that pumpkin spice everything is a trend that won't be leaving us any time soon. Combine the trendiest fall scent with the trendiest bath product for the sweetest sensation.
  4. English Rose Bath Bomb Recipe - For elegant and irresistible bath fizzies with a revitalizing scent, you'll want to make these gorgeous pink bath bombs. 

DIY Bath Bomb Party Supplies

The next thing you'll want to do is prepare all your supplies including the ingredients, molds, and any other additional items you'll need for making the bath bombs. Before you gather your supplies, make sure all of your guests have RSVP'd so you know how much of everything you need for the party. Below is a list of must-have items for creating your bath bombs:​

  1. Bath bomb ingredients - Be sure to purchase enough ingredients for each guest to make one bath bomb from your chosen recipe.
  2. Bath bomb molds - It's best to purchase simple bath bomb molds such as classic round molds or even cube molds so everyone is happy with the design! Each guest should receive one mold to take their bath bomb home in so no one is pressured to open their mold before their bath bomb is fully ready. 
  3. A few additives for customization - In addition to the basic ingredients for your bath bomb recipe, have a few extra ingredients such as essential oils, mica glitter, clay, and other botanicals so each guest can personalize their bath bomb.
  4. Plastic transfer pipettes - These can be used to transfer your liquid additives into each guest's customized recipe.
  5. Measuring spoons - Measuring spoons will be used to allocate dry additives into each guest's own personal bath bomb creation.
  6. Large mixing bowls - You'll want to have one bowl for each guest so no one is left out of the process for too long. 
  7. Small plastic travel bottles - These will be used to split up your liquid ingredients into more containers so your friends aren't all trying to use the same ingredient from one bottle. Label each bottle with the proper ingredient so everyone knows what each container holds.
  8. Small bowls - You can use smaller bowls to pour out dry ingredients or additives that won't fit into travel bottles so every guest has access to the ingredient. Label each bowl accordingly.
  9. Mixing spoons - The best part will be mixing the bath bomb together, and you'll definitely be needing spoons for the occasion!
Finally, make an instruction sheet like the one below for every guest to write down what they added to their bath bomb recipe. This is great for memories and for remembering their personal recipe if they ever wanted to make it again. Write in the basic ingredients of your chosen recipe and let your guests do the rest!. Click here to download our free bath bomb recipe template!

Bath Bomb Making Kits

The night before the date of your party prepare one bath bomb kit for each of your expected guests. By creating a kit with the basic bath bomb ingredients of your chosen recipe you can avoid the mess of guests trying to weigh and measure ingredients at the same time. For people with little to no experience with crafting, preparing a kit will also make it more fun and accessible! 

Here's what you need:

  1. Glass jars, plastic containers, or baggies
  2. Paper bags
  3. Bath bomb ingredients from chosen recipe
  4. Measuring cups, scale etc.
  5. Bath bomb molds

In order to make a kit you'll need plastic baggies, recycled glass jars, or plastic containers to hold each of the separate ingredients from the recipe. Measure out the ingredients for the guests beforehand to have them already prepared when the guests arrive. Toss the containers with the basic ingredients and one mold into a paper bag, and set up the mixing bowls and spoons. Make sure to put together one kit for each of your friends and everyone can then easily find a place and kit for making their bath bomb!

Set up a separate table with all of your additional ingredients, droppers, and measuring spoons so your guests can add their own special ingredients to their bath bomb recipe. If you have a small kitchen and limited supplies, you can organize guests into groups for making their bath bombs in shifts. 

Tips and Tricks for Making Bath Bombs

Making the perfect bath bomb isn't always the easiest feat. In fact, it can even be difficult if you aren't thinking about all the small details. Download our infographic with some great tips and tricks for making bath bombs at home.

What's your favorite homemade bath product? Let us know below!

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