Planning a Bachelorette Party + 10 Worthwhile Bachelorette Party Ideas


Planning a Bachelorette Party + 10 Worthwhile Bachelorette Party Ideas

Plan the best pre-wedding celebration for the bride with these awesome tips and bachelorette activities!

Planning a Bachelorette Party and Worthwhile Bachelorette Party Ideas
Planning a Bachelorette Party and Worthwhile Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party is the less formal and more carefree counterpart of the bridal shower, but it still requires a little bit of planning and communication. Follow this guide on Planning a Bachelorette Party + 10 Worthwhile Bachelorette Party Ideas for everything you need to know when orchestrating the perfect party for the soon to be Mrs. Not every bride is down for the wild and crazy bachelorette parties from the movies, while some would expect nothing less on their last night as a single lady. Whatever the case may be, follow these simple steps for one memorable bachelorette party you'll be talking about long after the big day.

Don't forget to have some fun when planning your best friend's bachelorette party because this is definitely the time to let loose and have a good time before the wedding day. Use any of these fun party crafts to throw the bachelorette bash everyone will be talking about. Here you'll find great party ideas for inspiration in coming up with your own original party theme the bride will love. After all, nobody knows her better than the bridesmaids!

How to Plan an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

  1. Talk to the bride. Take the time to ask the bride what she would want her bachelorette party to look like. Don't automatically assume she wants to spend her night out on the town until 4 a.m. the next day. Think about what she'd really like and tailor your plans to fit that vision. If you're unsure, just ask her! Nobody wants to be at a bachelorette party where the bride is unhappy, so it's essential for you to know for sure what she really wants.

  2. Organize the guest list. It's also very important that you ask the bride who she wants at her bachelorette party, and go from there when sending out invitations. Don't extend an invitation to anyone who isn't also invited to the wedding and if the groom has sisters, it's always a good idea to include them! While you'll want to keep most of your plans a surprise, you don't want to surprise the bride with any unexpected guests.

  3. Set a budget. The bride shouldn't have to pay for anything at her bachelorette party, so tell her to leave her wallet at home. With that being said, talk to the other bridesmaids about what their budget is for the night so nobody is hit with some unanticipated costs. Work out a budget that works for everyone, so nobody is left struggling to cover their share or taking on more than they bargained for. 

  4. Choose a date and send out invites A.S.A.P. Typically a bachelorette party will happen 2 months before the big day, but it can happen a few weeks before as well because it marks the bride's last night as a single woman. Once you choose a date, send out your invites well in advance to give the guests time to clear their schedules and work out any traveling that may be involved. Bachelorette party invitations don't have to be elaborate, so make them fun and simple like these Let's Party Bachelorette Invitations.

  5. Choose a fun bachelorette party theme. Choosing a theme can be a little difficult. But, once you have one in place, everything else should fall in order. Luckily, if you talked to the bride about what she wants her party to look like, you'll already have a general idea in mind. Considering your friend's personality, plan something she'll enjoy like a photoshoot party where everyone can take goofy pictures in front of this Super Colorful Polka Dot Photobooth Backdrop. Don't forget to include tons of props for some hilarious photos to commemorate the night!

  6. Don't forget about transportation. Depending on what you have planned, transportation is super important, especially if alcohol is involved. Plan to have some form of reliable transportation to get you from place to place so nobody's safety is ever compromised and everyone can enjoy the night without worrying about who's driving. 

  7. Have plenty of bachelorette party goodies. This isn't just a regular night out with the girls, so you have to have some way to distinguish your group from all the rest. You can purchase some fun bachelorette party accessories, or make your own like this Quirky Bachelorette Sash or these Bachelorette Party Temporary Tattoos. If you're feeling really crafty, you can make these Bleached Bachelorette Tank Tops for every one of your guests to wear for the night!

  8. Consider giving out small party favors. To thank all the guests for showing up, it's definitely worth giving each woman a small gift at the end of the party. These don't have to be overly expensive or extravagant, so try something as simple as these Brown Paper Candy Bags

  9. Go with the flow. The best nights are the ones that don't always go according to plan. If something doesn't work out exactly how you wanted it to, laugh about it and move on. Maybe you planned a relaxing night at home with just your gals, but all of sudden everybody wants to dress up and go out. Ultimately, the final decision is up to the bride, so if a sudden change of plans seems appealing to her then let it be! 

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