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  1. Book Reviews See our reviews of popular craft books.
  2. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.
  3. Crafts With Recycled Materials You can make so many different crafts with recycled materials. Re-purpose old items with these green recycling crafts and other unique recycled crafts.
  4. Earth Day Decorations Make Earth Day crafts for your home, find Earth Day ideas for party decorations and more! Here you'll also find Earth Day craft projects for kids, so get the whole family involved.
  5. Earth Day for Kids Teach your children the importance of Earth Day with these Earth Day crafts for kids, including Earth Day art projects, Earth Day paper crafts, Earth Day printables and more!
  6. Earth Day Recipes Earth Day crafts can be absolutely edible! Make these food crafts and eat your way through a craft happy Earth Day.
  7. Christmas Crafts to Wear Find ideas for Christmas crafts to wear including Christmas jewelry crafts, Christmas kids clothes, Christmas hair accessories, Christmas clothes for men and so much more!
  8. Christmas Gifts to Make Looking for ideas for Christmas Gifts to Make? Here you can find tons of suggestions for Christmas gifts to make including cheap creative Christmas gifts, easy to make Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts kids can make and so much more!
  9. DIY Christmas Decorations Find Christmas crafts of every type to help decorate your home. The collection includes Christmas ornament crafts, handmade Christmas stockings, home made Christmas wreath ideas and so much more!
  10. Easy Christmas Kids Crafts Find tons of ideas for Easy Christmas Kids Crafts including Christmas decorations that kids can make, Christmas tree ornaments for kids to make, kids fun Christmas activities and lots of other projects!
  11. Handcrafted Christmas Card Ideas Learn how to make the best Christmas card with these Christmas card design ideas. Find homemade Christmas card templates, patterns for handmade Christmas cards, DIY Xmas card ideas and so much more!
  12. Recipes for Christmas Recipes for Christmas, Christmas treats, desserts, and more!
  13. Cinco de Mayo Kids Crafts Help your child celebrate the holiday with Cinco de Mayo crafts, Cinco de Mayo games, Cinco de Mayo decorations and Cinco de Mayo costumes.
  14. Cinco de Mayo Paper Crafts If you're wondering how do you make tissue paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo or want other ideas for Cinco de Mayo decorations, there are plenty of suggestions for Cinco de Mayo paper crafts here.
  15. Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations Learn how to decorate for Cinco de Mayo parties. Find instructions for Cinco de Mayo decorations, Cinco de Mayo costumes, activities for Cinco de Mayo and other Cinco de Mayo party ideas.
  16. Crochet for Easter Find projects to crochet for Easter and other fun craft ideas for Easter. Enjoy these free Easter crochet patterns and more.
  17. Easter Baskets Plenty of ideas for unique Easter baskets, personalized Easter baskets, Easter basket ideas for adults, Easter basket ideas for teenagers, instructions on how to make Easter baskets and so much more!
  18. Easter Crafts for Kids Find free and easy Easter crafts for kids, including Easter preschool crafts and Easter toddler crafts. Also includes kids Easter paper crafts and religious Easter crafts for kids.
  19. Easter Decorations Find great ideas for easy to make Easter decorations, outdoor Easter decoration, Easter home decorations, Easter party decorations and more!
  20. Easter Eggs Find creative Easter egg designs, Easter egg decorating ideas, Easter egg patterns and many other Easter egg craft ideas!
  21. Easter Paper Crafts Find ideas for Easter paper crafts, including kids Easter paper crafts, Easter egg paper craft, printable Easter crafts and more!
  22. Recipes for Easter With all the Easter eggs you've been decorating you may be tempted to get cookin'! These Easter recipes are a delicious way to celebrate the holiday.
  23. Religious Easter Crafts Looking for Easter crafts for adults and children alike? You'll find all sorts of family-friendly religious crafts for Easter including Jesus dolls and other great religious Easter crafts!
  24. Wearable Easter Crafts Don't know what to wear for Easter? Make your own wearable Easter crafts with these projects, including Easter dresses, Easter hats and bonnets, Easter shirts and more!
  25. Fall Crafts for Kids Entertain your child this Fall with these fun Fall kids crafts! There are seasonal crafts for kids of every age, including preschool fall crafts, fall crafts for kindergarten and Fall crafts for children who are a bit older.
  26. Fall Decorations Find everything you need to decorate for Fall! Make your own Fall decorations using these ideas for easy Fall table decorations, Fall house decorations, Fall pumpkin decorations and more!
  27. Fall Paper Crafts Find paper craft projects perfect for Fall in this collection of free Fall paper crafts. From easy Fall crafts to more advanced Fall paper craft ideas, there's plenty to explore here!
  28. Recipes for Fall Recipes for Fall including, apple recipes, pumpkin spice treats, and much more.
  29. Wearable Fall Crafts Find wearable crafts for Fall including Fall jewelry, Autumn accessories, leaf jewelry, fall scarves and more!
  30. Father's Day Cards Give dad a special greeting with one of these homemade Father's Day cards. There are plenty of ideas for Father's Day cards to make that are sure to put a smile on dad's face.
  31. Father's Day Gifts Looking for Father's Day gifts to make for dad? Check out these homemade Fathers Day gift ideas. There are some great easy to make Fathers Day gifts and other free Fathers Day crafts too.
  32. Recipes for Father's Day Looking for Father's Day recipes? Here you'll find tons of recipe ideas that dad will devour. Show your love with these recipe ideas.
  33. Halloween Candy Bags Find tons of fun ideas for Halloween candy bags, including trick or treat bag patterns to sew and knit and other ways to make a personalized trick or treat bag. Don't miss out on any of these cool Halloween trick or treat bags!
  34. Halloween Costumes Find everything you need to make your own Halloween costume, There are award winning homemade Halloween costumes, homemade unusual Halloween costumes, and tons of other DIY Halloween costumes ideas.
  35. Halloween Crafts for Kids Find easy Halloween crafts that are perfect for kids! There's everything from quick kid Halloween crafts to spooky Halloween crafts for kids and so much more!
  36. Halloween Decorations Find tons of ideas for Halloween decorations that you can make yourself! From homemade Halloween table decorations to DIY outdoor Halloween decorations and everything in between, find the best Halloween decorations to make right here!
  37. Halloween Party Decor Projects Find tons of ideas for Halloween decorations that you can make yourself! From homemade Halloween table decorations to DIY banners and everything in between, find the best Halloween decorations to make right here!
  38. Recipes for Halloween Find Halloween craft treats that are fun to make and even more fun to eat! The collection includes edible Halloween crafts, edible Halloween decorations, Halloween edible easy foods snacks and more!
  39. Wearable Halloween Craft Projects Halloween crafts you can wear, including Halloween jewelry, Halloween t-shirts, Halloween clothes for kids, Halloween baby clothes and more.
  40. Chanukah Find tons of ideas for Chanukah crafts and Chanukah projects, including ideas for kids, Hanukkah craft projects, and other free Chanukah crafts you can make at home.
  41. Passover Find all sorts of Passover crafts in this collection of Passover craft ideas. Included are Passover art projects and other Jewish holiday crafts.
  42. Purim If you want ideas for Jewish holiday crafts, check out this collection of free and easy Purim crafts. Included are Purim crafts for kids and other fun DIY Purim projects.
  43. Rosh Hashanah Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these Rosh Hashanah crafts. There are Rosh Hashanah crafts for kids and adults alike, including Rosh Hashanah art projects and other fun Rosh Hashana craft ideas.
  44. Kwanzaa Cards Find ideas for homemade Kwanzaa cards and other Kwanzaa paper crafts. There are also Kwanzaa craft ideas of cards that kids can make to send to friends and family.
  45. Mother's Day Cards Find homemade Mothers Day Card ideas and more in this collection of the best Mothers Day card projects. There are some great ideas for kids Mothers Day cards too.
  46. Mother's Day Decorations Find all sorts of ideas for Mother's Day decorations and suggestions of how to decorate for Mothers Day festivities. When you make your own decorations for Mother's Day, mom's day is that much more special!
  47. Mother's Day Gifts If you're looking for unique Mother's Day gift ideas, here are some great homemade Mothers Day gifts that are cheap and easy to make. Mom will love these special Mothers Day gifts since they're handmade by you!
  48. New Year's Cards Find ideas for how to make your own New Year's cards. Handmade New Years cards are some of the easiest New Years crafts to make and people always enjoy personalized New Years cards.
  49. New Year's Decorations If you're wondering how to make your own New Year's decorations, check out these creative New Year's Eve crafts and New Year's decoration ideas. New Years party crafts are fun and easy to make!
  50. Baby Shower Crafts Make planning a baby shower easy with this selection of baby shower craft ideas including, baby shower decorations, baby shower favors, and baby shower gifts.
  51. Party Recipes These party recipe ideas will turn any dull party into a delicious one. The food is the most important part of your party so make sure to use these easy and tasty party recipes.
  52. Fourth of July Crafts Find everything you need to make fun 4th of July craft projects including easy 4th of July crafts for adults, suggestions for homemade 4th of July decorations, patriotic art projects for kids, and so much more!
  53. Labor Day Looking for free easy holiday crafts to make for Labor Day? Here are some great Labor Day craft ideas including holiday crafts for children to make and easy holiday crafts for adults.
  54. Memorial Day Crafts Looking for Memorial Day craft ideas? Find free craft activities for Memorial Day, Memorial Day art project ideas, Memorial Day crafts for preschoolers and more!
  55. Veterans Day Looking to make crafts for Veterans Day? Here are some free Veterans Day craft ideas, simple Veterans Day crafts, Veterans Day art projects and more!
  56. Spring Crafts for Kids Find free and easy Spring crafts for kids, including preschool Spring crafts, Spring crafts for third graders, and Spring crafts for children of any age!
  57. Spring Decorations Find ideas for easy to make Spring decorations, including Spring table decorations, door decorations for Spring, Spring party decorations and so much more!
  58. Spring Paper Crafts Find ideas for Spring paper crafts including paper garland crafts, paper flower crafts, paper crafts for kids and other projects with instructions on how to make paper craft projects for Spring.
  59. Spring Recipes Take a look through our collection of spring recipes and get cooking this season! Welcome the sunshine with a handful of fabulous meals made from seasonal recipes that we love.
  60. Wearable Spring Crafts Find great ideas for wearable Spring crafts, including craft necklaces and craft hair accessories. There are so many cute Spring craft ideas you can wear after you make them!
  61. Kids Crafts for St. Patrick's Day Find Saint Patrick's Day crafts for kids including leprechaun craft ideas, pot of gold project suggestions, shamrock projects for children and a whole lot more!
  62. St. Patrick's Day Decorations Find everything you need to make your own St. Patrick's Day decorations, including DIY St. Patrick's Day party ideas, shamrock crafts, leprechaun crafts and so much more! These St. Patrick's Day crafts are sure to add a little luck to your holiday ho
  63. St. Patrick's Day Paper Crafts Want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with handmade paper crafts? Check out these fun paper craft projects for St. Patrick's Day including shamrock projects, leprechaun kids crafts and more! Celebrating St. Paddy's Day is a blast when you have these e
  64. St. Patrick's Day Recipes Celebrate the luckiest day of the year with these St. Patrick's Day recipes! Whether you need St. Patrick's day desserts or ideas for your dinner, these St. Patrick's Day recipes are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday.
  65. Wearable Crafts for St. Patrick's Day If you're wondering what to wear for St. Patricks Day, here are some St. Patricks Day craft ideas that you can make and wear! If you want to make the best St. Patricks Day outfit, these St. Patricks Day crafts are for you!
  66. Kids Crafts for Summer There are so many great ideas for summer craft projects for children. Try some of these summer crafts for kids, including easy summer crafts for young children and fun summer crafts for older kids.
  67. Recipes for Summer Looking for new recipe ideas for summer? These summer recipe ideas are fresh and delicious and so easy to make. Quick summer recipes are the way to go. Maximum time in the sun, minimum time in the kitchen!
  68. Summer Decorations Find easy ideas for homemade summer decorations, including free projects for summer table decorations, summer party decorations and other summer theme decorations for your house.
  69. Summer Paper Crafts Find free paper craft projects for summer, including paper flower crafts, summer paper crafts for kids, and lots of other ideas for handmade paper crafts to celebrate summer!
  70. Wearable Summer Crafts Looking for Summer craft projects you can wear? Here are some great wearable Summer crafts such as summer craft jewelry, summer craft hair accessories, summer craft clothing ideas and more!
  71. Kids Thanksgiving Crafts Find great ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for children that are easy and fun to make! These Thanksgiving kids crafts include Thanksgiving preschool crafts, Thanksgiving crafts for pre k and Thanksgiving crafts for kids and teenagers alike!
  72. Recipes for Thanksgiving The most important part of Thanksgiving is the food and with these recipes, you can't go wrong! These Thanksgiving recipes are easy and delicious.
  73. Thanksgiving Decorations Find everything you need to make your own Thanksgiving decorations, including Thanksgiving table decorations, easy Thanksgiving dcor ideas for your home, old fashioned Thanksgiving decorations and other great ideas to make Thanksgiving special!
  74. Thanksgiving Paper Crafts These paper crafts Thanksgiving ideas are free and easy to make. Find Thanksgiving paper crafts and ideas for creative handmade paper crafts to celebrate Turkey Day.
  75. Crochet for Valentine's Day If you want ideas for Valentine's Day crochet, we've got Valentine crochet patterns for everything from a heart pillow to a crochet beaded heart, along with great crochet Valentine gifts and more.
  76. Kids Valentine's Crafts These free crafts for Valentines Day are perfect for children. Included in these easy kids Valentines crafts are Valentines heart crafts, Valentine paper crafts, Valentines Day crafts for young children and so much more!
  77. Recipes for Valentine's Day Cook up something delicious for your honey this Valentine's Day. These Valentine's Day recipes are delicious and easy. The best cooking comes from the heart.
  78. Valentine's Day Cards Find a ton of ideas for homemade Valentine cards. Make your own Valentine card for that someone special with some of these personalized Valentine cards and instructions for how to make handmade Valentines.
  79. Valentine's Day Decorations Celebrate Valentine's Day with these homemade Valentine decorations. From paper Valentine decorations to table decorations for Valentines Day to other unique Valentine decorating ideas, you'll find everything you need to decorate for Valentine's Day!
  80. Valentine's Day Gifts Looking for easy Valentine's Day gifts to make? Here are some great homemade gift ideas for Valentine's Day, including romantic Valentines gifts to make, Valentine personalized gift ideas, and other Valentine unique gift projects to make.
  81. Valentine's Day Paper Crafts Looking for Valentine's Day paper crafts to help you celebrate? Here are some craft ideas using paper that are perfect for Valentine's Day, including paper garlands, heart crafts, paper crafts for kids, and more!
  82. Valentine's Day Sewing Find Valentine sewing patterns, ideas of things to sew for Valentines Day, beginner sewing projects for Valentine's Day, Valentines cute sewing projects and other free easy sewing projects to make Valentine's Day special.
  83. Wearable Valentine's Day Crafts Find lots of ideas for wearable Valentine's Day crafts, including Valentine t shirts, Valentine dresses, Valentine jewelry, and other great wearable Valentines ideas.
  84. Wedding Recipes Your wedding should be absolutely delicious and with these wedding recipes, it absolutely will be. From bridal shower recipes to recipes for weddings, we've got you covered.
  85. Wearable Winter Crafts Here are some fun free Winter craft projects you can wear. Included are ideas for Winter hats, Winter hat and scarf sets, snowflake jewelry craft ideas and other projects to make Winter fashion accessories.
  86. Winter Crafts for Kids There are so many great childrens Winter crafts. Here are some of the best Winter crafts for kids, including easy Winter crafts for kids, Winter crafts for 1st graders, Winter crafts for preschoolers, and other free Winter crafts for older kids.
  87. Winter Decorations Here you'll find tons of great winter wonderland decorating ideas including snowflake lanterns, DIY wreaths, snow globes, and many other winter wonderland decorations.
  88. Winter Paper Crafts Find ideas for Winter paper crafts including instructions on creating snowflakes with paper, how to make a snowman out of paper plates, other snowman paper crafts and more cute Winter paper craft ideas.
  89. Winter Recipes This winter should be absolutely delicious and with these winter recipes, it absolutely will be. From cute snowman treats to recipes for hot chocolate and more, we've got you covered.
  90. Birthday Recipes Browse through these recipes for birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. These food crafts will surely make your birthday party an unforgettable one.


  1. Blooming Snowdrop Headband This Blooming Snowdrop Headband is one of the most precious wearable winter crafts you can find for your little one. This DIY bow headband is a quick and easy bunch of tulle on an elastic band that will look adorable without bothering your baby.
  2. Cable Knit Cardigan Pattern Stay warm and cozy all winter long and wrap up in a brand new pink cardigan. With the help of this free Cable Knit Cardigan Pattern you will learn how to make the perfect sweater for the season in no time at all.
  3. Cascading Snowflakes Crochet Scarf This beautiful Cascading Snowflakes Crochet Scarf is such a unique and lovely way to bundle up for winter. Learn how to achieve the delicate look of falling snowflakes by following this crochet scarf pattern.
  4. Classic Cold-Weather Crochet Cable Mittens Winter often brings with it fun outdoor activities like ice-skating and drinking hot cocoa, or building snowmen and having snowball fights. Keep your fingers toasty with these Classic Cold Weather Crochet Cable Mittens that are fashionable.
  5. Cozy Buttoned Crochet Cowl This Cozy Buttoned Crochet Cowl is the perfect accessory for winter. This DIY crochet cowl is stylish and chic while still being warm and practical.
  6. Cozy Crochet Headwrap It's hard to look stylish when it's freezing outside, but with this Cozy Crochet Headwrap you'll look chic all Winter long! This crochet headband ear warmer pattern calls for worsted wool, so you know it'll be warm!
  7. Crochet Earmuffs Pattern How adorable are these little lamb crochet earmuffs? They make the perfect handmade holiday gift for little ones. With the help of this free Crochet Earmuffs Pattern, youll have a fun set of earmuffs in no time at all. Plus, they are so cute they wou
  8. Cute Crochet Flower Headband This Cute Crochet Flower Headband is adorable and adaptable.You won't have to worry about measurements because one size fits all.
  9. DIY Cuddly Canine Coat Looking for a quick fix for your frozen pup this winter? Take some time out of an evening this week and make your pooch the DIY Cuddly Canine Coat.
  10. DIY Elsa Crown Make this easy DIY Elsa Crown for your Frozen-obsessed little ones. This is a great winter party favor idea.
  11. DIY Elsa Hair Jewels and Pendant If your child wants to wear her hair like Elsa's from Frozen, then check out the DIY Elsa Hair Jewels and Pendant tutorial. You will learn how to make a DIY headband and a necklace embellished with glittering snowflakes.
  12. DIY Frozen-Inspired Snowflake Necklace Learn how to make a snowflake necklace for your favorite Frozen-lover with the DIY Frozen-Inspired Snowflake Necklace tutorial. This craft is easy to make and looks great!
  13. DIY Headphone Infinity Scarf Listening to music while commuting during the winter gets old pretty fast once your ears get a blast of January wind. Solve that problem by making yourself a DIY Headphone Infinity Scarf.
  14. DIY Icy Beaded Leaf Headband Do you want to learn how to make a headband? The DIY Icy Beaded Leaf Headband tutorial is the perfect DIY winter headband craft to try out!
  15. DIY Snow Globe Ring When you make this DIY Snow Globe Ring, you will give out a party favor everyone will remember. This is the perfect easy favor for a DIY Frozen party.
  16. DIY Snowglobe T-Shirt If you want to make someone a unique gift for the holidays, this DIY Snowglobe T-Shirt is a clever idea that you can also personalize. Anyone would love to receive one of these custom applique shirts, especially since they're handmade by you!
  17. DIY Winter Hand Muff The DIY Winter Hand Muff tutorial will show you how to make a hand muff to keep your fingers toasty through all the cold weather headed your way. It is so easy you will want to make more in various patterns so you never have to go without.
  18. Downton Abbey Cloche Crochet Pattern You need to see this Downton Abbey Cloche Crochet Pattern. Make this easy crochet cloche in a weekend with a bulky yarn, and you will have a warm and classically fashionable winter accessory in no time.
  19. Dressed in Snow Top What better way to show that you are ready for snowfall than through your wardrobe? Make your very own Dressed in Snow Top from ILovetoCreate and show of your winter spirit.
  20. Fast and Chunky Free Crochet Cowl Pattern This winter, make this Fast and Chunky Free Crochet Cowl Pattern to help keep you warm. Not only is this cowl fashionable, but it is also extra warm, since you use a bulky yarn.
  21. Felt Snowman Hair Barrette When it comes to easy winter crafts, you can't go wrong with this Felt Snowman Hair Barrette! The adorable accessory is perfect for those chilly winter days.
  22. Festive Snowflake Earrings Perfect to wear for that special holiday party or just on a snowy Winter day, these Festive Snowflake Earrings are some of our favorite holiday bead earrings. This pair of DIY earrings will remind you of a winter wonderland.
  23. Fluffy Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Looking for a cute alternative to expensive fur scarves from department stores? Check out this pattern for the Fluffy Faux Fur Infinity Scarf.
  24. Frozen-Inspired Princess Anna Crochet Hat Children everywhere fell in love with the movie Frozen when it cam out last year, and the craze doesn't appear to be going anywhere. What better gift, then, could you give your Anna-obsessed daughter, than this Frozen-Inspired Crochet Hat Pattern?
  25. Frozen-Inspired Princess Elsa Crochet Hat You will be singing along with Princess Elsa in no time with this Frozen-Inspired Princess Elsa Crochet Hat tutorial. This tutorial comes with a Frozen crochet pattern that creates a knit cap with a long braid attached.
  26. Glitter Snowman Sweater Stay warm and festive this winter with the Glitter Snowman Sweater. It's an easy winter craft that you can wear all season long.
  27. Hooded Animal Ear Scarf Kids have a tendency to misplace their winter accessories when taking them off after recess. Make things easier by sewing your little ones a hat/scarf combo!
  28. How to Make Button Earrings If you love buttons and earrings, then this How to Make Button Earrings tutorial is for you. Put that collection of buttons you've been stashing away to good use this winter and make button earrings to coordinate with all your outfits.
  29. Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern We all need unique and fashionable winter accessories, and this Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern is just that. Worked up with a 8ply yarn, you'll have a completed scarf in no time at all.
  30. Insanely Cute Fox Ear Hat Bring out the whimsical side of your kids' imaginations this winter by sewing them an Insanely Cute Fox Ear Hat.
  31. Itty Bitty Candy Cane Hat Keep your baby warm with this Itty Bitty Candy Cane Hat. Even if you're not a mother, homemade Christmas hats are a thoughtful gift for any newborn this winter season.
  32. Lovely Knit Cowl Pattern Stay warm during the long, cold winter months with a handmade version of everyone's favorite winter accessory: the cozy cowl. This simply Lovely Knit Cowl Pattern is a weekend knitting project to work on during the season's latest blizzard.
  33. Men's Cozy Hand-knit Sweater Don't confine gift giving to the holiday season. Keep the men in your life warm with the Men's Cozy Hand-knit Sweater.
  34. Mistletoe Pedicure Add some holiday cheer to your nails with this Mistletoe Pedicure. This cool nail design will stand out and serves as a great winter arts craft to do with the other nail art lovers in your life. This is one wearable winter craft that will have everyo
  35. No Sew Princess Elsa Cape Your child will be pretty as a princess when she wears her No Sew Princess Elsa Cape. This Frozen-themed craft is the perfect DIY Elsa cape for any costume.
  36. Perfectly Adorable Embroidered Ice Skate Pin Is there someone in your life who loves to ice skate? Make them this Perfectly Adorable Embroidered Ice Skate Pin as a little winter pick-me-up!
  37. Polar Bear Knit Hat This adorable Polar Bear Knit Hat is the cutest DIY accessory for winter that we have ever stumbled upon. Not only will this knit hat keep you warm during the deep freeze, but it's a trendy and fashionable look, too!
  38. Quick Knit Wool Cowl Take one look at this Quick Knit Wool Cowl and imagine how warm you'd be wearing it this Winter. This chunky knit cowl pattern shows you how to make your own version in just a few hours. Don't you just love a cozy cowl pattern that works up quickly?
  39. Recycled Sweater Mittens Do you need a pair of mittens in a hurry, but you don't want to spend a fortune on a new pair? You're in luck if you have and old sweater that you are willing to recycle at home. Follow this easy tutorial for Recycled Sweater Mittens.
  40. Sew Simple Snowman Dress We all know that the pillowcase dress is one of the easiest outfits to make, so why not create one special for the winter season? Your little girl will love parading around in this Sew Simple Snowman Dress because it's so cute!
  41. Shrinky Dink Snowflake Necklace If you love doing shrinky dink crafts, then you'll have a ball making this Shrinky Dink Snowflake Necklace. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make a necklace out of shrinking plastic. You'll want to wear this DIY necklace all winter.
  42. Silly Snowman Bleach Pen T-Shirt Typically, using bleach on anything besides white fabric is a big no-no. This Silly Snowman Bleach Pen T-Shirt breaks that rule in a completely unique way.
  43. Snowblossom Fleece Hat Why buy Winter hats when there are so many cute fleece hat patterns to choose from, like this Snowblossom Fleece Hat? Learn how to sew a Winter hat just like this with these fleece hat directions, or customize your own with different embellishments!
  44. Snowflake-Inspired Homemade Jewelry It's alright if your daughters aren't the only ones obsessed with Frozen and ice queens this winter. Let go of your reservations and make yourself this Snowflake-Inspired Homemade Jewelry.
  45. Snowy T-Shirt Winter Craft Winter craft ideas like this are really brought to life with shimmery iron-on foil that creates a real winter wonderland. This shirt will shine all season long!
  46. Super Cute Tote Bag Pattern Are you looking for a bag that's not only cute, but big enough to hold winter necessities like packs of Kleenex and your kids scarves and hats? Look no further. This Super Cute Tote Bag Pattern is just what you need.
  47. Super Sweet Crocheted Hand Warmers One of the worst parts of winter is trying to do simple tasks while wearing bulky gloves. Keep your hands cozy and your days productive with these Super Sweet Crocheted Hand Warmers. Crochet some just for yourself or make a whole batch.
  48. Teddy Bear Crochet Baby Hat This simply adorable Teddy Bear Crochet Baby Hat is sure to please any new mother. A perfect baby shower gift to help keep baby's head warm in the cooler months, that is sure to a popular gift.
  49. The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make These are, without a doubt, The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make. These DIY house slippers will not cost you a dime because they only call for basic sewing skills and an old sweater.
  50. Tie Dye Snowman Shirt Looking for a totally rad project to make with the kids this winter? This Tie Dye Snowman Shirt is such a fun idea and you know your kids will wear it all winter long! This is one of the coolest tie dye patterns we've seen in a long time.
  51. Upcyled Thermal Shirt Dress Feeling unsatisfied with the "sweater" dresses on store racks? Stay cozy and cute this winter by making your very own warm-weather Upcycled Thermal Shirt Dress.
  52. Winter Mitten Pattern Looking for a way to enjoy your yarn stash and stay warm this winter? Try your hand at this Winter Mitten Pattern, they're sure to keep you warm during the cold winter months and put a dent in your yarn collection.
  53. Winter Wearables: 18 Seasonal DIY Clothing Ideas and Accessories Bundle up in style with Winter Wearables: 18 Seasonal DIY Clothing Ideas and Accessories. This round-up of projects shows you how to dress your family for the cold weather.
  54. Winter Wonderland DIY Bag If you have a plain navy blue tote bag that's in need of a little sprucing, you can use it to make a bag you'll be proud to show off. Once you see this Winter Wonderland DIY Bag, you'll be convinced that you need it in your closet.

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